Nov 2, 2009

Right Address.... Wrong Planet

by Gena Barnhill

A few years ago when I had a fascination with autism spectrum disorders and read dozens of books on the subject, I checked this one out from the library. Right Address.... Wrong Planet is a personal account of one family's struggle with their son's disorder. He was not properly diagnosed until he was an adult. The book relates the ups and downs of their family dealing with his differences, inability to understand social situations, and often confusing or misunderstood behavior. Most books I've read on autism or asperger's have to do with younger children, but this one also goes through adolescence and into young adulthood. It doesn't have medical or scientific information, but simply shows how one family lived with the day to day challenges and tried to find some answers. Most of the book is written by the mother, but there are a few chapters by other family members and the son himself, giving a full picture of how living with an autism spectrum disorder can affect everyone in the family. It's an interesting, eye-opening and sympathetic read.

Rating: 3/5                   226 pages, 2002

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bermudaonion said...

I'm always amazed when it takes the medical profession so long to diagnose something like this.

Sandy Nawrot said...

This poor individual (and his poor family) for suffering for so long without a diagnosis! It just breaks my heart to think of the help he could have gotten had they known.