Jan 8, 2009

Your Amazing Newborn

by Marshall and Phyllis Klaus

Have you ever wondered how much a newborn baby can actually perceive of the world around him? In this lovely book, the senses and abilities of infants are explored, from what they experience in utero during the final stages of pregnancy, the moments just after birth, and the first few weeks. The authors show that babies quickly adjust to their new world outside the womb, responding to people around them, and communicating via touch, eye contact, sounds, broad gestures and imitation of facial expressions. You'll be surprised to learn how much a baby can actually do. The pictures are beautiful, the text enthralling. Your Amazing Newborn is a great book for any new or expecting mother, but it may not be for everyone- there are many photos of babies nursing or laying on their mothers' breasts and some may find this objectionable.

Rating: 4/5                128 pages, 2000

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Jen said...

Hmm, I think we may need this book.