Jan 30, 2009

Meme: Bookworm

This isn't the kind of meme I usually do, but Lezlie tagged me, so here goes. The idea is to grab the nearest book to you and share three to six lines from page 56, starting with the fifth sentence. I'm sitting at the computer and for once there aren't any books lying on the floor, couch, filing cabinet, so the closest to me- are the four-hundred-plus books on the shelves across the room! So I'm going to just walk over with my eyes shut and grab one:

This is from Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis:

Mary took Montoya's tach bracelet off and handed her the last set of papers. "Mr. Latimer? You're next."

Latimer stood up, holding his papers. He looked at them confusedly, then set them down on the chair he'd been sitting on, and started over to Mary. Halfway there, he turned and went back for Mary's shopping bag. "You left this at Brasenose," he said, holding it out to Mary.

That was so random. And I don't think it gives you much idea of the book, or its style. Hm. Well, to follow along with the meme I tag Heather, Becca, Jess, Kristi and Matt.


Lezlie said...

I thought the same thing when I did mine. :-) I think that's why I don't usually do these. But it was fun anyway!

Have a great weekend, Jeane!

Kristi said...

Mine turned out to really give a feeling for the book ;o). That was fun.