Jan 14, 2009

Book Giveaway!

Or, book points giveaway! Win a book (and fractions) of your choice! Enter this giveaway for 1.7 Book Mooch points. You must be a Book Mooch member (it's free to join) in order to receive the points, and let me know what your Book Mooch name is so I can gift them to you. Just leave a comment here to enter the drawing! Tell me what book you'd really want to Mooch. Name will be picked out of a hat on Tues 1/20. Happy reading, everyone!

Just a note: I've been kind of lax about blogging lately. Things have been busy around here. I just finished reading a great book last night, Ratha's Courage by Clare Bell. I can't wait to tell you all about it! Hopefully I'll have a chance to write it up tonight and post in the morning. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hello! There are so many books I would want to Mooch, and I'm always looking, but I'm on the wait list to mooch the Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I've been drawn to this book for some reason, but I can't get it anywhere, short of buying it. But I don't want to buy it unless I know I really like it. What if I've built it up so much that it disappoints me?
My bookmooch name is lulu_bella.
- Lu

trish said...

I've got almost 100 books on my bookmooch wishlist. But hope springs eternal, so I keep checking and adding books. :-)

My bookmooch name is trishbrowning (really clever, huh?).

But if I could choose one book to appear on my wishlist right now, it would probably be a book by Bohaljean or Magic Study. Yeah, one of those would rock.

Nymeth said...

Like Lu and Trish, I want to mooch a lot of books, but I think that most of all I want Speaker for the Dead right now.

I'm nymeth on Bookmooch too!

S. Krishna said...

I really want to mooch Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher! My name on BookMooch is skrishna. Thanks for the giveaway!

bookoholic13 said...

I want to mooch a copy of Tariq Ali's The Book of Saladin. I really hope someone wants to give it up soon. :) My bookmooch name is bookoholic13. thanks for the giveaway and have a great time at the inauguration - historic moment indeed!!