Aug 13, 2008

How Weaning Happens

by Diane Bengson

This book was written by a La Leche League leader, so of course it is strongly pro-breastfeeding. How Weaning Happens really advocates child-led weaning, which basically means you nurse until your child decides to quit! I wasn't about to do that, myself. But I read this book months before I was ready to try and wean, so I actually found it a very encouraging book. It gives a lot of personal stories of mothers and their nursing children, their weaning experiences (attempts, in some cases) and looks at weaning practices in other cultures. Also discussed are how to wean suddenly when you have to (in the case of medical problems), how to wean gradually (substituting other activities strongly suggested) and understand how different stages of growth and development affect the mother-child relationship and the child's experience of weaning. For someone who isn't ready yet, but wants to know more about weaning, this book is very useful.

Rating: 4/5                   160 pages, 2000

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