Aug 14, 2008


by Rebecca Sjonger and Bobbie Kalman

My daughter and I read this book last night. Produced by the same people as Mice, it has the exact same layout and scope of information. I found it particularly interesting since I know very little about the animals. Gerbils informs me that there are four breeds of gerbils kept as pets. That baby gerbils are called puppies, gerbils can get used to staying awake at day and need quiet to sleep (so not a problem to keep in the child's room) and they like to bathe by rolling in sand! Again, like in Mice, the information was great, the illustrations awful. The one of a gerbil bathing in sand was so bad I could not even figure out what it was until I read the text.

Rating: 3/5                   32 pages, 2004

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janet said...

They sound like adaptable little creatures. I didn't know they could be taught to stay awake during the day.