Jun 24, 2008


by Jerry Spinelli

The story of a boy who was a loser. To his peers, but not to himself. He was clumsy, socially awkward, always making mistakes- teased, ignored, very unpopular. All the way through grade school he continued oblivious of his poor social standing among his peers. He was happy, friendly, and tried to do good. What others thought of him didn't alter how he felt inside. I wasn't sure if I should feel sorry for the kid for being so disliked, or admire him for being so good-hearted. In the end I felt rather unmoved. Nothing much actually happens in Loser, except to unfold day after day in the life of a decent kid who tries hard, always fails, and yet still believes in himself. Sadly, it wasn't nearly as memorable as the other Spinelli books I've read like Stargirl or Wringer.

Rating: 2/5               218 pages, 2002

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