Jun 15, 2008

Baby Proofing Basics

How to Keep Your Child Safe
by Vicki Lansky

For such a small book, Baby Proofing Basics is really packed with information. In an easy-to-read reference format, it explains how to keep your baby or young toddler safe from all types of hazards. First the book goes through your house room by room, describing potential dangers and what to do about them. Then it covers outdoor areas, safety measures to take while traveling, at the beach, hiking and camping, precautions during holidays (think fireworks and Christmas trees), poison and choking, how to be safe with pets, lists of poisonous plants, and safety rules to teach your child. Comprehensive, quick to read and nothing too paranoid. Although most of it was common sense or things I'd heard before, it was all good reminders at the time. Though some ideas came across to me as unpractical (like turning a desk to the wall so your toddler can't open drawers) others struck me as ingenious (wetting shoestrings before tying will make them shrink together and not come loose again).

Rating: 3/5                    130 pages, 2002


writer2b said...

I'm with you: who would turn a desk to the wall?

And who would have thought of that trick with shoelaces? I'm definitely giving that one a try.

Bybee said...

Oh, I wish I'd known the shoelace one! All the hours I would've saved...oh well...I'll use it on the grandkids when I get some.