Author Index

Books with a gray link are those I did not finish reading, but you will find a reason why and a brief synopsis. Children's picture books are on a separate list.

Abbey, Edward- Desert Solitaire
Abbey, Edward- The Journey Home
Abbey, Edward- Fire on the Mountain
Ackerman, Diane- Cultivating Delight
Ackerman, Diane- The Moon by Whale Light
Ackerman, Diane- The Zookeeper's Wife
Ackerman, Jennifer- The Genius of Birds
Adams, Christina - A Real Boy
Adams, Douglas- Last Chance to See
Adams, Richard - The Plague Dogs
Adams, Richard - Watership Down
Adams, Richard- Tales from Watership Down
Adams and McShane- The Myth of Wild Africa
Adamson, George- My Pride and Joy
Adamson, Joy- Queen of Shaba
Adamson, Joy- The Searching Spirit
Aiken, Joan- The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Alcott, Louisa May - Little Women
Alexander, William- The $64 Tomato
Ali, Ayaan Hirsi- The Caged Virgin
Ali, Ayaan Hirsi- Infidel
Ali, Nujood- I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced
Allen, Leslie et al- Majestic Island Worlds
Allen, Thomas B. (editor)- The Marvels of Animal Behavior
Allison, Dorothy- Bastard Out of Carolina
Allison, Peter- Whatever You Do, Don't Run
Ambrus, Victor G.- Drawing Animals
Ammaniti, Niccolo- I'm Not Scared
Amory, Cleveland- The Cat Who Came for Christmas
Anaya, Rudolfo- Bless Me, Ultima
Anderson, Laurie Halse- The Impossible Knife of Memory
Anderson, Laurie Halse- Speak
Anderson, Laurie Halse- Wintergirls
Andrews and Baensch- Tropical Aquarium Fish
Angel, Heather- Pandas
Anonymous- Primary Colors
Anthony, Lawrence- The Elephant Whisperer
Anthony, Lawrence- The Last Rhinos
Appelhof, Mary- Worms Eat My Garbage
Applegate, K.A.- The Invasion (Animorphs #1)
Applegate, K.A.- The Visitor (Animorphs #2)
Applegate, K.A.- The Encounter (Animorphs #3)
Applegate, K.A.- The Message (Animorphs #4)
Applegate, K.A.- The Predator (Animorphs #5)
Applegate, K.A.The Capture (Animorphs #6)
Applegate, K.A.- The Stranger (Animorphs #7)
Applegate, K.A.- The Andalite's Gift (Megamorphs #1)
Applegate, K.A The Alien (Animorphs #8)
Applegate, K.A.The Secret (Animorphs #9)
Applegate, K.A.- The Andriod (Animorphs #10)
Applegate, K.A.- The Forgotten (Animorphs #11)
Applegate, K.A.- The Reaction (Animorphs #12)
Applegate, K.A.- The Change (Animorphs #13)
Applegate, K.A. - The Hork-Bajir Chronicles
Applegate, K.A. - The Unknown (Animorphs #14)
Applegate, K.A. - The Escape (Animorphs #15)
Applegate, K.A. - The Warning (Animorphs #16)
Applegate, K.A. - The Andalite Chronicles
Applegate, K.A. - The Underground (Animorphs #17)
Applegate, K.A. - The Decision (Animorphs #18)
Applegate, K.A. - In the Time of Dinosaurs (Megamorphs #2)
Applegate, K.A. - The Depature (Animorphs #19)
Applegate, K.A. - The Discovery (Animorphs #20)
Applegate, K.A. - The Threat (Animorphs #21)
Applegate, K.A. - The Solution (Animorphs #22)
Applegate, K.A. - The Pretender (Animorphs #23)
Applegate, K.A. - The Suspicion (Animorphs #24)
Applegate, K.A. - The Extreme (Animorphs #25)
Applegate, K.A. - The Attack (Animorphs #26)
Applegate, K.A. - The Exposed (Animorphs #27)
Applegate, K.A. - The Experiment (Animorphs #28)
Applegate, K.A. - The Sickness (Animorphs #29)
Applegate, K.A. - Elfangor's Secret (Megamorphs #3)
Arms, Suzanne- Immaculate Deception II
Armstrong, Lance- It's Not About the Bike
Aronson, Rey- Tales of an African Vet
Arora, Sandy- Whole Health for Happy Cats
Atwood, Margaret - Cat's Eye
Atwood, Margaret The Handmaid's Tale
Atwood, Margaret - Oryx and Crake
Auch, Mary Jane- A Dog on His Own
Audrey, Colette- Behind the Bathtub
Auel, Jean M. - The Clan of the Cave Bear
Austen, Jane- Emma
Austing, Ronald- I Went to the Woods
Avi- The Good Dog
Axelrod, Herbert R.- Tropical Fish as Pets
Azuma, Kiyohiko- Yotsuba&! Volume 1
Azuma, Kiyohiko- Yotsuba&! Volume 2
Azuma, Kiyohiko- Yotsuba&! Volume 3
Azuma, Kiyohiko- Yotsuba&! Volume 4
Azuma, Kiyohiko- Yotsuba&! Vols 5 and 6
Azuma, Kiyohiko- Yotsuba&! Vols 7 and 8
Azuma, Kiyohiko- Yotsuba&! Vols 9 and 10
Azuma, Kiyohiko- Yotsuba&! Vols 11 and 12
Azuma, Kiyohiko- Yotsuba&! Volume 13

Babbitt, Natalie- The Devil's Storybook
Bach, Richard - The Bridge Across Forever
Backderf, Derf- Trashed
Backman, Fredrik- A Man Called Ove
Bailey, Mary- Tropical Fishkeeping
Bailey, Mary et al- 500 Ways to be a Better Freshwater Fishkeeper
Bailey and Sandford- Ultimate Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish and Fish Care
Balch, Glenn- Buck, Wild
Balch, Glenn- Christmas Horse
Balch, Glenn- Horse of Two Colors
Balch, Glenn- Indian Saddle-Up
Balch, Glenn- The Wild Mare
Balch, Glenn- White Ruff
Badger, David- Frogs
Bagdon, Paul- Stallions at Burnt Rock
Bagnold, Enid- National Velvet
Bailey, Elizabeth Tova- Sound of a Wild Snail Eating
Baker, Jerry- The Impatient Gardener
Balcombe, Jonathan- What a Fish Knows
Banerjee, Anjali- Seaglass Summer
Barnard, Sara- A Quiet Kind of Thunder
Barnhill, Gena- Right Address Wrong Planet
Barrett, Nina- I Wish Someone Had Told Me
Barrett and Scholey- African Cats
Barilla, James- My Backyard Jungle
Barteau, Yvonne- Ride the Right Horse
Bascom, Caroline Crowninshield- The Bird Hospital
Beagle, Peter S.- In Calabria
Beagle, Peter S.- The Line Between
Beard, Peter- The End of the Game
Beauchamin, Yves- The Alley Cat
Beaumont, Marguerite- The Way of a Horse
Beavan, Colin- No Impact Man 
Beck, Alan- The Ecology of Stray Dogs
Beck, Bruce- Produce
Beck, Martha- Expecting Adam
Beck, Martha- Leaving the Saints
Bedichek, Roy - Adventures with a Texas Naturalist
Begley, Ed- Living Like Ed
Behler, John and Deborah- Alligators and Crocodiles
Bekoff, Mark - The Smile of a Dolphin
Bekoff, Mark (editor), et al- Listening to Cougar
Belben, Rosalind- Our Horses in Egypt
Bell, Clare- Ratha's Creature
Bell, Clare- Clan Ground
Bell, Clare- Ratha and Thistle-Chaser
Bell, Clare- Ratha's Challenge
Bell, Clare- Ratha's Courage
Bell, Clare- People of the Sky
Benarde, Melvin- Our Precarious Habitat
Benchley, Peter- Shark Trouble
Bengson, Diane- How Weaning Happens
Bennett, Barbara- Soul of a Lion
Bennett, Cherie- Life in the Fat Lane
Bennett, James- Dakota Dream
Berg, Elizabeth- Never Change
Berg, Norah- Lady on the Beach
Bergman, Charles- Wild Echoes
Berman, Edgar- In Africa with Schweitzer
Bernhardt, Peter- Wily Violets and Underground Orchids
Bernikow, Loise - Bark If You Love Me
Berry, Susan and Bradley, Steve- Plant Life
Berry, Wendell- Jayber Crow
Bertolucci, Federico- Love: the Fox
Bertolucci, Federico- Love: the Lion
Bertolucci, Federico- Love: the Tiger
Bing and Colman- Laughter and Tears
Bishop, Anne- The Invisible Ring
Bishop, Holley- Robbing the Bees
Bishop, Michael- Unicorn Mountain
Bittner, Mark- The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill 
Bjork and Anderson- Linnea's Windowsill Garden
Blackwell, Lewis- The Life and Love of Cats
Blechman, Andrew- Pigeons
Blount, Roy- I Am Puppy, Hear Me Yap
Blum, Arlene - Annapurna: A Woman's Place
Bohjalian, Chris- Midwives
Bondar, Dr. Carin- Wild Sex
Boontawee, Kampoon- A Child of the Northeast
Borchardt, Alice - The Silver Wolf
Borland, Hal- The Dog Who Came to Stay
Borland, Hal- Hill Country Harvest
Borland, Hal- When the Legends Die
Boruchowitz, David W.- The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums
Boucke, Laurie- Infant Potty Training
Boulton, Marsha- Wally's World
Bourne, Russell (editor)- A Zoo for All Seasons
Bowers, Warner and Lucile- Commonsense Organic Gardening
Boyce, Frank Cottrell- Millions
Boyett, Steven R.- Ariel
Boyett, Steven R.- Elegy Beach
Boyle, T.C.- The Tortilla Curtain
Boyne, John- The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Bradford, Richard - Red Sky At Morning
Bradley, Carol- Last Chain on Billie
Bragg, Rick- All Over but the Shoutin'
Bray, Libba - A Great and Terrible Beauty
Bray-Moffat, Naia- I Love Gymnastics
Brewer, Stella - The Chimps of Mt. Asserik
Briggs, Patricia- Moon Called
Brink, Andre- Other Lives
Brischke, Diane- Now You See Me
Britt, Fannie- Jane, the Fox and Me
Brodie, Fawn M. - No Man Knows My History
Brooks, Geraldine- People of the Book
Brouwer, Sigmund- The Leper
Brower, Kenneth- Yosemite: An American Treasure
Brown, Mary- Pigs Don't Fly
Brown, Mary- The Unlikely Ones
Brown, Peter- The Wild Robot
Brown, Peter- The Wild Robot Escapes
Browning, Dominique- Paths of Desire
Brust, Steven - Jhereg
Bryce, Andrew- Down from the Mountain
Bryson, Bill- A Walk in the Woods
Buck, Pearl S.- Peony
Buckmaster, Marjorie- Freshwater Fishes
Budiansky, Stephen- The Character of Cats
Budiansky, Stephen- The Truth About Dogs
Budiansky, Stephen- The Nature of Horses 
Budiansky, Stephen- The World According to Horses
Burch, Monte- Solving Squirrel Problems
Burger, Joanna- The Parrot Who Owns Me
Burgess and Axelrod- Pacific Marine Fishes of Southern Japan and the Ryukus
Burgess and Axelrod- Pacific Marine Fishes of Southern Japan and the Western Pacific
Burgess and AxelrodPacific Marine Fishes of Sri Lanka the Maldives and Mobassa
Burgess and Axelrod- Pacific Marine Fishes of Taiwan and Adjacent Waters
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Bobby Raccoon
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Buster Bear
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Grandfather Frog 
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat at Home
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Johnny Chuck
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Mr. Mocker
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Old Granny Fox
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Old Man Coyote
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad 
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Prickly Porky
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Reddy Fox
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Sammy Jay
Burgess, Thornton W.- The Adventures of Unc' Billy Possum
Burgess, Thornton W.- Blacky the Crow
Burgess, Thornton W.- Bowser the Hound
Burgess, Thornton W.- Buster Bear's Twins
Burgess, Thornton W.- Happy Jack
Burgess, Thornton W.- Lightfoot the Deer 
Burgess, Thornton W.- Mrs. Peter Rabbit
Burgess, Thornton W.- Mother West Wind's Children
Burgess, Thornton W.- Old Mother West Wind 
Burgess, Thornton W.- Whitefoot the Woodmouse
Burgess, Warren E.- Colored Atlas of Miniature Catfish
Burke, Janine- Nest: the Art of Birds
Burnie, David- How Animals Work
Burns, Loree Griffin- The Hive Detectives
Burroughs, John - Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers
Busch, Robert- The Wolf Almanac
Butler, Octavia- Dawn
Butler, Octavia- Fledgling
Byars, Betsy- The Midnight Fox

Calder, David- The Dragonslayer's Apprentice
Caletti, Deb- The Nature of Jade
Calvez, Leigh- The Hidden Lives of Owls
Cameron, Claire- The Bear
Camp, Joe- The Soul of a Horse
Camuti, Louis J.- All My Patients Are Under the Bed
Camus, Albert- The Plague
Cancellaro, Cecelia (editor)- Pregnancy Stories
Canfield- Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul
Canfield- Chicken Soup for the Cat/Dog Lover's Soul
Caplin, Adam- New Kitchen Garden
Capote, Truman - The Complete Stories of Truman Capote
Capps, Benjamin- A Woman of the People
Caras, Roger- The Custer Wolf
Card, Orson Scott- A Storyteller in Zion
Card, Orson Scott- Children of the Mind
Card, Orson Scott- Ender's Game
Card, Orson Scott- Enchantment
Card, Orson Scott- Magic Street
Card, Orson Scott- Pastwatch
Card, Orson Scott- Speaker for the Dead
Card, Orson Scott- Xenocide
Carmody, Isobelle- A Fox Called Sorrow
Carmody, Isobelle- Little Fur
Carpenter, Novella- Farm City
Carrier, Scott- Running After Antelope
Carrighar, Sally- Icebound Summer
Carrighar, Sally- One Day at Teton Marsh
Carrighar, Sally- One Day on Beetle Rock
Carrighar, Sally- Wild Heritage
Carrighar, Sally- Wild Voice of the North
Carroll, David M. - Self-Portrait with Turtles
Carroll, David M. Swampwalker's Journal
Carroll, David M. - Trout Reflections
Carson, Rachel- Under the Sea-Wind
Carter, Angela- The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories
Cary, Joyce- The Horse's Mouth
Cassedy, Sylvia- Behind the Attic Wall
Cather, Willa- My Ántonia
Chadwick, Douglas- A Beast the Color of Winter
Chadwick, Douglas- The Grandest of Lives
Chadwick, Douglas- True Grizz
Chamblain, Joris- El Zoo Petrificado
Charleson, Susannah- Scent of the Missing
Chessman, Harriet- Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper
Cheuse, Alan- To Catch the Lightning
Chevalier, Tracy- Girl with a Pearl Earring
Chevalier, Tracy- The Lady and the Unicorn
Chichester, Sir Francis- Gipsy Moth Circles the World
Christianson, Gail E.- Greenhouse
Christopher, Tom- Compost This Book!
Cisneros, Sandra- The House on Mango Street
Clark, Arley Carmen- From the Orange Mailbox
Clark, Eugenie- The Lady and the Sharks
Clark, Eugenie- Lady with a Spear
Clarke, D.H.- The Singlehanders
Clarke, Susanna- Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Cleary, Beverly- Socks
Cleaver, Vera and Bill- The Mimosa Tree
Cleaver, Vera and Bill- Where the Lilies Bloom
Clements, Charles- Witness to War
Codell, Esmé Raji- Educating Esmé
Coe, Sue- Pit's Letter
Cohen, Alice Eve- What I Thought I Knew
Cohn, Rachel- Gingerbread
Cohu, Will- Urban Dog
Cokinos, Christopher- Hope is the Thing With Feathers
Cole, Brock- The Goats
Coleman, M. Jane- Hanging Plants for Modern Living
Colfer, Eoin - Artemis Fowl
Collett, Rosemary- My Orphans of the Wild
Collins, Helen- Egret
Collins, Suzanne- The Hunger Games
Collins, Suzanne- Catching Fire
Conrad, Joseph- Heart of Darkness
Conroy, Pat- Beach Music
Cooper, Helene - The House at Sugar Beach
Coppinger, Raymond and Lorna- Dogs: a New Understanding
Corbett, Jim- Man-Eaters of Kumaon
Corbett, Jim- The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag
Coren, Stanley- How to Speak Dog
Coren, Stanley- The Intelligence of Dogs
Coren, Stanley- The Modern Dog
Cormick and Allen- Shadows in the Sea
Coston, Bruce R.- Ask the Animals
Coudert, Jo- Seven Cats and the Art of Living
Couffer, Jack - The Cats of Lamu
Couffer, Jack - The Lions of Living Free
Couffer, Jack and Mike- Salt Marsh Summer
Courtenay, Bryce - The Power of One
Cowan, Nancy- Peregrine Spring
Cowell, Cressida- How to Train Your Dragon
Cowell, Cressida- How to Be a Pirate
Cowell, Cressida- How to Speak Dragonese
Cowell, Cressida- How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse
Cowell, Cressida- How to Twist a Dragon's Tale
Cramer, Deborah- The Narrow Edge
Craughwell - The Cat in the Dryer ... Urban Legends
Crisp, Terri- Out of Harm's Way
Crocker, John- Following Fifi
Croke, Vicki- Animal ER
Crump, Donald J.- America's Wild Woodlands
Cruso, Thalassa- Making Things Grow
Cruso, Thalassa- Making Things Grow Outdoors
Cruso, Thalassa- To Everything There is a Season
Cuny, Lynn Marie- Through Animals' Eyes
Cusk, Rachel- The Country Life

d'Aboville, Gerard- Alone
Dahl, Roald- James and the Giant Peach
Dally, Ann- Inventing Motherhood
Damain, Jacqueline - Sasha's Tail
Dana, Richard Henry- Two Years Before the Mast
Dash,Mike- Tulipomania
Datlow and Windling, (editors)- Snow White, Blood Red
Davidson, Sara- Cowboy
Davies, Nick- Cuckoo: Cheating by Nature
Davies, Nicola- Poop
Dawson, George- Life is So Good
Day, Alan- The Horse Lover
Day, Frank Parker- Rockbound
Dean, Pamela- Tam Lin
Defoe, Daniel- A Journal of the Plague Year
DeJong, Meindert- The House of Sixty Fathers
DeJong, Meindert- Hurry Home, Candy
Delgado, Ricardo- Age of Reptiles Omnibus Vol 1
Dennis, John V.- Beyond the Bird Feeder
DeStefano, Lauren- Wither
de Grahl, Wolfgang- The Grey Parrot
de Lint, Charles- The Cats of Tanglewood Forest
de Lint, Charles- A Circle of Cats
de Lint, Charles- Dingo
de Lint, Charles- Jack of Kinrowan
de Lint, Charles- Little (Grrl) Lost
de Lint, Charles- Seven Wild Sisters
de Mari, Silvana- The Last Dragon
de Radrigués, Max- Moose
de Waal, Frans- The Bonobo and the Atheist
de Waal, Frans- Mama's Last Hug
Dennett, Daniel C. - Breaking the Spell
Denton, Sally- Faith and Betrayal
Denzel, Justin- The Boy of the Painted Cave
Descamp, Meg- Slug Tossing
Diamond, Jared- Guns, Germs and Steel
DiCamillo, Kate- Because of Winn-Dixie
DiCamillo, KateThe Tiger Rising
Dickinson, Claudia- Aquarium Care of Cichlids
Dickinson, Peter- The Devil's Children
Dickinson, Peter- Eva
Dickinson, Peter- Heartsease
Dickson, Gordon R.- The Dragon and the George
Dickson, Pamela- Noble Friends
Dillard, Annie - An American Childhood
Dilliard, Anne - Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
Dinesen, Isak- Winter's Tales
Dixon, Dougal- Dinosaurs: Herbivores
Dixon, Paige- The Young Grizzly
Dobbs, Horace- Dance to a Dolphin's Song
Dodman, Nicholas - The Cat Who Cried for Help
Doig, Ivan- The Sea Runners
Dokey, Cameron- Beauty Sleep
Donaldson, Jean- The Culture Clash
Donoghue, Emma - Room
Donohue, Keith - The Stolen Child
Doty, Jean Slaughter - The Crumb
Doty, Jean Slaughter - Dark Horse
Doty, Jean Slaughter - The Monday Horses
Doty, Jean Slaughter - Winter Pony
Dubus, Andre- House of Sand and Fog
Dueñas, María- The Time In BetweenDuffy-Korpics, Lisa- Tales From a Dog Catcher
Dunham, Carroll- Mamatoto: A Celebration of Birth
Dunlop, Eileen - Fox Farm
Dunn, Katherine- Geek Love
Dunning, Joan- The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness
Dunning, Joan- Secrets of the Nest
Durden, Kent- Gifts of an Eagle
Durgin, Doranna- Dun Lady's Jess
Durgin, Doranna- Changespell
Durgin, Doranna- Changespell Legacy
Durrell, Gerald- A Bevy of Beasts
Durrell, Gerald- The Aye-Aye and I
Durrell, Gerald- Birds, Beasts and Relatives
Durrell, Gerald- Catch Me a Colobus
Durrell, Gerald- The Bafut Beagles
Durrell, Gerald- The Drunken Forest
Durrell, GeraldEncounters with Animals
Durrell, Gerald- Fillets of Plaice
Durrell, Gerald- The Garden of the Gods
Durrell, Gerald- Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons
Durrell, Gerald- Menagerie Manor
Durrell, Gerald- My Family and Other Animals
Durrell, Gerald- The Overloaded Ark
Durrell, Gerald- Rosy is My Relative
Durrell, Gerald- Three Singles to Adventure
Durrell, Gerald- Two in the Bush
Durrell, Gerald- The Whispering Land
Durrell, GeraldA Zoo in My Luggage
Dutcher, Jim and Jamie -The Hidden Life of Wolves
Dutcher, Jim and JamieWolves at Our Door

Eadie, Betty- Embraced by the Light
Earley, Tony- Jim the Boy
Eden, Connie and Cheney- The Pitiful Gardener's Handbook
Eddison, Eric- The Worm Ouroboros
Eddison, Sydney- The Self-Taught Gardener
Eager, Edward- Half Magic
Eager, EdwardMagic by the Lake
Eager, Edward- Seven-Day Magic
Eager, Edward- The Time Garden
Eager, Edward- The Well-Wishers
Eastburn, Mark - Earning My Spots
Eggers, David (editor) - McSweeney's 24
Ehrenreich, Barbara- Nickel and Dimed
Ehringer, Gavin- Leaving the Wild
Ehrlich, Gretel- The Solace of Open Spaces
Eilperin, Juliet- Demon Fish 
Eisler, Colin- Drawings of the Masters
Eisner, Thomas- For the Love of Insects
Ellis, Barbara- Covering Ground
Ellis, Mary Relindes- The Turtle Warrior
Embry, Margaret- Mr. Blue
Emery, Nathan- Bird Brain
Emerson, Earl- Vertical Burn
Engdahl, Sylvia- Enchantress from the Stars
Epstein, Jennifer Cody- The Painter from Shanghai
Epstein, Randi- Get Me Out
Estabrook, Barry- Pig Tales
Estes, Clarissa Pinkola- Women Who Run with the Wolves
Evangelista, Kate - No Love Allowed
Evans, Nicholas- The Horse Whisperer

Fadiman, Anne- The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
Fatsis, Stefan- Word Freak
Fergus, Jim- One Thousand White Women
Fifield, Donnali (adapted by)- Arctic Tale
Finger, Anne- Past Due
Finger, Charles- Give a Man a Horse
Fish, Margery- We Made a Garden
Fishbien, Seymour- Yellowstone Country
Fisher, Ronald M.- The Appalachian Trail
Fitzjohn, Tony- Born Wild
Flannery, Tim- Chasing Kangaroos
Flaubert, Gustave- Madame Bovary
Fleeson, Lucinda- Waking up in Eden 
Fleischman, Paul- Seedfolks
Fletcher, H.L.V.- Popular Flowering Plants
Fletcher, Nick et al.- What Fish?
Fletcher, Stanwell- Pattern of the Tiger
Flowers, Pam- Alone Across the Arctic
Foer, Jonathan Safran- Eating Animals
Follett, Ken- Jackdaws
Ford, Barbara- Alligators, Raccoons and Other Survivors
Ford, Brian- The Secret Language of Life
Forest, Jennifer- Work Women Want
Forester, Victoria- The Girl Who Could Fly
Forster, E.M.- A Passage to India
Fortescue, J.W.- The Story of a Red-Deer
Fossey, Dian- Gorillas in the Mist 
Foster, F. Gordon- Ferns to Know and Grow
Foster, Ken- Dogs I Have Met
Foster, Ken - The Dogs Who Found Me
Foster, Rory- Dr. Wildlife
Fowler, Alys- Garden Anywhere
Fowler, Connie May- When Katie Wakes
Fox, M.W.- The Whistling Hunters
Fox, Paula- One-Eyed Cat
Fox, Sue- Hamsters
Frank, Stanislav- The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish
Frankl, Viktor- Man's Search for Meaning
Franklin, Jon- The Wolf in the Parlor
Frazier, Charles- Cold Mountain
Frazier, Charles- Thirteen Moons
Fredericks, Anthony D.- Horseshoe Crab
Freedman, Russell - Children of the Wild West
Freese, Mathias - Down to a Sunless Sea
French, Thomas- Zoo Story
Freyd, Jennifer and Birrell, Pamela- Blind to Betrayal
Friedan, Betty- The Feminine Mystique
Friedman, Sara Ann- Celebrating the Wild Mushroom
Fritzsche, Peter- Hamsters
Fry, Christopher- The Lady's Not for Burning
Fuller, Alexandra- Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight
Fuller, Iola- The Loon Feather
Funk, Charles Earle- A Hog on Ice
Funke, Cornelia- Inkheart
Funke, Cornelia- The Wildest Brother
Fynn- Anna's Book

Gaddis, Thomas- Birdman of Alcatraz
Gaiman, Neil- A Game of You (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil- Brief Lives (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil- Coraline
Gaiman, Neil- The Doll's House (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil- Dream Country (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil- The Dream Hunters (Sandman) 
Gaiman, Neil- Fables and Reflections (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil- Mirrormask
Gaiman, Neil- Neverwhere 
Gaiman, Neil- Preludes and Nocturnes (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil- Season of Mists (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil- The Wake (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil- World's End (Sandman)
Gaitskill, Mary- The Mare
Gale, Eric Kahn- Zoo at the Edge of the World
Galdikas, Birute- Reflections of Eden
Gallico, Paul - The Abandoned
Gallico, Paul - Love, Let Me Not Hunger
Gallico, Paul - The Snow Goose
Ganeri, Anita- Goldfish
Ganeri, Anita- Rabbits
Gannett, Ruth Stiles- My Father's Dragon
Gannett, Ruth Stiles- Elmer and the Dragon
Gannett, Ruth Stiles- The Dragons of Blueland
Garbo, Norman - The Artist
Garcia, Joseph- Sign with Your Baby
Garden, Joe et al- The Dangerous Book for Dogs
Garden, Joe et al- The Devious Book for Cats
Gardiner, Jenny- Winging It
Gardiner and Osborne- Father's Gone A-Whaling
Gardner, John- October Light
Gardner, Nuala- A Friend Like Henry
Gardom and Milner- Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs
Garner, Alan- The Owl Service
Garnett, David - Lady Into Fox
Garvey, Ric- Animal Orphanage
Gaskin, Ina May- Spiritual Midwifery
Gear, Michael and Kathleen- People of the Sea
Geck and Schliewen- Nanoaquarium
Geist, Valerius- Whitetail Tracks
Gentry, Christine- When Dogs Run Wild
George, Jean Craighead- Charlie's Raven
George, Jean Craighead- How to Talk to Your Cat
George, Jean CraigheadJulie
George, Jean CraigheadJulie of the Wolves
George, Jean Craighead- Julie's Wolf Pack
George, Jean Craighead- The Summer of the Falcon
George, Jean CraigheadThere's an Owl in the Shower
George, Jean Craighead and John- Vulpes the Red Fox
Gerstein, Mordecai- The Old Country
Gerstein, Mordecai- Victor
Geske, Colleen- Stuff Dutch People Like
Gilbert, Elizabeth- The Last American Man
Gilbert, Suzie- Flyaway
Gilborn, Alice -  What Do You Do with a Kinkajou?
Gierach, John- Dances with Trout
Giles, Fiona- Fresh Milk
Gipson, Fred - Old Yeller
Gladwell, Malcolm - The Tipping Point
Gloss, Molly- The Hearts of Horses
Godden, Rumer- An Episode of Sparrows
Godden, Rumer- The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
Godden, Rumer- The Diddakoi
Godden, Rumer- The Dragon of Og
Godden, Rumer- The Kitchen Madonna
Godden, Rumer- The Peacock Spring
Godey, John- The Snake
Golding, William- The Inheritors
Golding, William- Pincher Martin
Goldwasser, Amy- All Black Cats Are Not Alike
Gonzalez, Philip- The Blessing of the Animals
Goodall, Jane- Harvest for Hope
Goodall, Jane- Reason for Hope
Goode, Erica- Letters for Our Children
Goodman, Deborah Lerme- Magic of the Unicorn (Choose Your Own Adventure)
Gordon, Richard- Doctor at Large
Gordon, Richard- Doctor in Love
Gordon, Richard- Doctor in the House
Gowdy, Barbara- The White Bone
Graham, Robin Lee -Dove
Grambo, Rebecca- Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon
Grambo, Rebecca- World of the Fox
Grange, Wallace Byron- Those of the Forest
Gravelle, Karen and Squire, Anne- Animal Talk
Green, Ben K.- Horse Tradin'
Green, Robin- Real Birth 
Grahame, Kenneth- The Reluctant Dragon
Grandin, Temple - Animals In Translation
Grandin, Temple - Animals Make Us Human
Grandin, Temple - Emergence: Labeled Autistic
Grandin, Temple - Thinking in Pictures
Green, Susan- Gentle Gorilla
Green-Armytage, Stephen- Extraordinary Chickens
Greenberg, Joanne- I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Greenfield, Joanna- The Lion's Eye
Greenlaw, Linda - The Hungry Ocean
Greenlaw, Linda - The Lobster Chronicles
Griesemer, John- No One Thinks of Greenland
Griffin, Donald R.- Animal Minds
Griffin, John Howard- Black Like Me
Grinker, Roy Richard - Unstrange Minds
Grogan, John- Marley and Me
Grogan, Jonn- Marley: A Dog Like No Other
Groneberg, Tom- The Secret Life of Cowboys
Groneberg, Tom- One Good Horse
Grove, Noel- Wild Lands for Wildlife
Gruen, Sara- Water for Elephants
Guest, C.Z.- First Garden
Gunning, Sally- Bound
Gurney, Eric- How to Live with a Calculating Cat
Gussow, Joan- This Organic Life
Gutjar, Axel- Setting Up an Aquarium

Haas, Robert B.- Through the Eyes of the Condor
Haas, Robert B.- Through the Eyes of the Gods
Haddon, Mark- Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
Haldeman, Linda- Esbae
Haldeman, Linda- Star of the Sea
Hale, Nathan- One Trick Pony
Hale, Robert- The Elm at the Edge of the Earth
Hale, Shannon- Book of a Thousand Days
Hall, Elizabeth - Child of the Wolves
Halls, Kelly Milner- Wild Horses: Galloping Through Time
Hall, Lynn- A Horse Called Dragon
Halls, Vicky - Cat Confidential
Halverson, Anders- An Entirely Synthetic Fish
Hambly, Barbara- Dragonsbane
Hambly, Barbara- Those Who Hunt the Night
Hamill, Pete- Forever
Hamilton, Garry- Arctic Fox
Hamilton, Hugo- The Speckled People
Hamilton, Jane - A Map of the World
Hamilton, Jane - The Book of Ruth
Hamilton, Masha- The Camel Bookmobile
Hamilton, Masha- Staircase of a Thousand Steps
Hanna, Jack- Monkeys on the Interstate
Hardy, Edward - Keeper and Kid
Hardy, Thomas- Tess of D'Urbervilles
Hargrave, Louisa- The Vineyard
Harnett, Natalie S.- The Hollow Ground
Harper, Barbara- Gentle Birth Choices
Harpman, Jacqueline- I Who Have Never Known Men
Harr, Jonathan- The Lost Painting
Harris, Dena- Lessons in Stalking
Harrison, Kathy - One Small Boat
Hartman, Rachel- Seraphina
Haruf, Kent - Plainsong
Haruf, Kent - The Tie That Binds
Haruf, Kent - Where You Once Belonged
Hassman, Tupelo- Girlchild
Hatkoff, Craig et al- Winter's Tail
Hatkoff, Craig et al- Owen and Mzee
Hauser, Susan Carol- A Field Guide to Ticks
Hawley, Samuel- Bad Elephant, Far Stream
Hayden, Torey - One Child
Hays, David and Daniel- My Old Man and the Sea
Hayes, Cathy - The Ape in Our House
Hayes, Susan and Joseph Lucas- Polar Life
Hearne, Vicki- Adam's Task
Hediger, H. - Wild Animals in Captivity
Hegland, Jean- Into the Forest
Heidcamp, Arnette- Hummingbirds: My Winter Guests
Heimlich and Boran- Killer Whales
Heinrich, Bernd- A Year in the Maine Woods
Heinrich, BerndLife Everlasting
Heinrich, Bernd- Mind of the Raven
Heinrich, Bernd- One Wild Bird at a Time
Heinrich, Bernd- Why We Run 
Heinrich, Bernd- Winter World
Heiser, Charles- Weeds in My Garden
Helfer, Ralph- Modoc
Helfer, Ralph- Zamba
Hellmuth, Jerome- A Wolf in the Family
Helprin, Mark- Winter's Tale
Henderson, Susan- Up From the Blue
Henkes, Kevin- Olive's Ocean
Hess, John- The Galapagos
Hesse, Karen- The Music of Dolphins
Heyerdahl, Thor- Fatu-Hiva: Back to Nature
Heyerdahl, Thor- Kon-Tiki
Heyerdahl, Thor- The Ra Expeditions
Heyerdahl, ThorThe Tigris Expedition
Heywood, Anne - Pastels Made Easy
Herbert, James- Fluke
Herriot, James - All Things Bright and Beautiful
Hewetson, Ann - The Stolen Child
Hieronimus, Harro- Guppies, Mollies and Platys
Hill, Lawrence- The Book of Negroes
Hillenbrand, Laura- Seabiscuit
Hirsch, Odo- Yoss
Hiscock, Peter- Aquarium Plants
Hobbet, Anastasia - Pleasure of Believing
Hobbs, Valerie- Sheep
Hoglund, Don- Nobody's Horses
Holden, Edith- Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady
Holland, Jennifer S.- Unlikely Loves
Holmes, Hannah- Suburban Safari
Holzapfel, Richard- Women of Nauvoo
Honore, Carl- In Praise of Slowness
Horan, Richard- Harvest
Hornbacher, Marya- Wasted
Hornby, Nick- Housekeeping vs the Dirt
Hornby, Nick- The Polysyllabic Spree
Hornby, Nick- Shakespeare Wrote for Money
Hornung, Eva- Dog Boy
Horowitz, Alexandra- Inside of a Dog
Hosseini, Khaled - The Kite Runner
Houston, Pam - Sight Hound
Howard, Carol- Dolphin Chronicles
Hoyt, Vance Joseph- Silver Boy
Hubbell, Sue- A Country Year 
Huggins and Zeidrich- Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning
Hughes, Dean- All Moms Go To Heaven
Hughes, Richard- A High Wind in Jamaica
Hulme, Keri - The Bone People
Hunter, Don (editor) - Snow Leopard
Hunter, Erin - Into the Wild
Huntington, Lee- Hill Song
Hurd, Barbara- Stirring the Mud
Hurston, Zora- Their Eyes Were Watching God
Husher, Helen- Conversations with a Prince
Hyde, Dayton O. - All the Wild Horses
Hyde, Dayton O..- Don Coyote
Hyde, Dayton O. - Island of the Loons
Hyde, Dayton O..The Last Free Man
Hyde, Dayton O. - Sandy
Hyde, John- Romeo

Ihimaera, Witi- The Whale Rider
Ilefeldt, W.G.- Thoughts While Tending Sheep
Iliff, Flora Gregg - People of the Blue Water
Innes, William T.- Exotic Aquarium Fishes
Isaacson, Rupert- The Horse Boy
Iserles, Inbali- The Tygrine Cat
Ishiguro, Kazuo - Never Let Me Go
Itard, Jean-Marc Gaspard- The Wild Boy of Aveyron

Jackman, Brian- The Marsh Lions
Jackson, Donna M. - The Wildlife Detectives
Jacques, Brian- Redwall
James, Will- Sand
James, Will- Smoky the Cowhorse
Jans, Nick- The Grizzly Maze
Jeffrey, Laura S.- Choosing a Fish
Jennings, Greg- 500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Jessop, Carolyn- Escape
Johnson, Burdetta- Coyote for Keeps
Johnson, Lorraine- City Farmer
Johnson, LouAnn- My Posse Don't Do Homework
Johnson-Bennett, Pam- Psycho Kitty?
Jolley, Dan- A Clan in Need 
Jolley, Dan- After the Flood
Jolley, Dan- Beyond the Code
Jolley, Dan- Escape from the Forest
Jolley, Dan- The Heart of a Warrior
Jolley, Dan- Into the Woods
Jolley, Dan- The Lost Warrior
Jolley, Dan- The Rescue
Jolley, Dan- Return to the Clans
Jolley, Dan- The Rise of Scourge
Jolley, Dan- Shattered Peace
Jolley, Dan- Warrior's Refuge
Jolley, Dan- Warrior's Return
Jones, Diana Wynne- Dogsbody
Jones, Diana Wynne- Fire and Hemlock
Jones, Diana Wynne- Castle in the Air
Jones, Diana Wynne- Charmed Life
Jones, Diana Wynne- The Lives of Christopher Chant
Jones, Edward P.- The Known World
Joubert, Derek- Relentless Enemies
Journey, Anna- An Arrangement of Skin

Kabat-Zinn, Myla- Everyday Blessings
Kadohata, Cynthia- Cracker!
Kafka, Franz- Amerika
Kalman, Bobbie- Gymnastics in Action
Kalman, Bobbie- Little Cats
Kalman and Everts- Gymnastics
Kamante- Longing for Darkness
Kamkwamba, William- The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Kanata, Konami- Chi's Sweet Home Vol.1
Kanata, KonamiChi's Sweet Home Vol.2
Kanata, KonamiChi's Sweet Home Vol.3
Kanata, KonamiChi's Sweet Home Vol.4
Kanata, Konami- Chi's Sweet Home Vol.5
Kanata, Konami- Chi's Sweet Home Vol.6
Kanata, Konami- Chi's Sweet Home Vol.7
Kanata, Konami- Chi's Sweet Home Vol.8
Kanata, Konami- Chi's Sweet Home Vol.9
Kanata, Konami- Chi's Sweet Home Vol.10
Kanata, Konami- Chi's Sweet Home Vol. 11
Kanata, Konami- Chi's Sweet Home Vol. 12
Kantner, Seth - Ordinary Wolves
Kaplan, Kathy Walden- The Dog of Knots
Karp, Brianna- Girl's Guide to Homelessness
Katz, Jon - A Good Dog
Katz, Jon - Dog Days
Katz, Jon - The Dogs of Bedlam Farm
Katz, Jon - The New Work of Dogs
Katz, Jon - Saving Simon
Katz, Jon - The Second Chance Dog
Katz, Jon - Soul of a Dog
Kavenna, Joanna- The Birth of Love 
Kawai, Ritsuko- Adventures of Hamtaro: A Home for Hamtaro
Kaye, M.M. - The Ordinary Princess
Kaye, Marvin- Witches and Warlocks
Kaysen, Susanna- The Camera My Mother Gave Me
Kaysen, Susanna- Girl, Interrupted
Keller, George - Here Keller, Train This
Kelley, Robet (editor)- The Sportsman's Anthology
Kelly, Lynne- Chained
Kennedy, Richard- Amy's Eyes
Kenny, Karen- Just Herb Gardening
Kerasote, Ted- Merle's Door
Kerasote, Ted- Pukka
Kerasote, Ted- Pukka's Promise
Kerr, Stacey Marie- Homebirth in the Hospital
Kidd, Ronald- Monkey Town
Kidder, Tracy- Mountains Beyond Mountains
Kidman, Diane- Herbs Gone Wild
Kiesel, Stanley- War Between Pitiful Teachers and Splendid Kids
Kilcommons and Wilson- Tails from the Bark Side
Killilea, Marie- Karen
Kilmer-Purcell, Josh- The Bucolic Plague
Kilworth, Garry- Frost Dancers
Kilworth, Garry- Hunter's Moon
Kimball, Kim- The Dirty Life
Kimberlin, Keith- Opposites
Kimberling, Brian- Snapper
King, Barbara- Personalities on the Plate
King, Stephen - The Drawing of the Three
King, Stephen - The Gunslinger
Kingsley, Charles- The Water Babies
Kingsolver, Barbara- Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Kingsolver, Barbara- The Bean Trees
Kingsolver, Barbara- Flight Behavior
Kingsolver, Barbara- The Poisonwood Bible
Kingsolver, Barbara- Small Wonder
Kingsolver, Barbara- Unsheltered
Kinsman, Kat- Hi, Anxiety
Kipling, Rudyard- Jungle Book Stories
Kirby, David- Death at SeaWorld
Kirk, Jay- Kingdom Under Glass
Kirkpatrick, Jane- A Clearing in the Wild
Klam, Julie- You Had Me at Woof
Klaus, Marshall and Phyllis- Your Amazing Newborn
Kline, Christina Baker (editor)- Child of Mine
Klingel, Gilbert- The Bay
Kluger, Jeffrey- Splendid Solution
Knisley, Lucy- Relish
Knowles, John - Indian Summer
Kobayashi, Makoto- What's Michael? A Hard Day's Life
Kobayashi, MakotoWhat's Michael? The Ideal Cat
Kobayashi, Makoto- What's Michael? Planet of the Cats
Kobayashi, Makoto- What's Michael? Show Time 
Kobayashi, Makoto- What's Michael? Sleepless Nights
Koebner, Linda- Forgotten Animals
Koja, Kathe- Straydog
Kölle, Petra- 300 Questions About the Aquarium
Kopelman, Lt. Col. Jay- From Baghdad, with Love
Korda, Michael- Horse People
Korda, Michael and Margaret - Cat People
Kosinski, Jerzy- The Painted Bird
Kra, Seigfried- The Three-Legged Stallion
Krakauer, Jon - Into the Wild
Kramer, Jack- Easy Care Guide to Houseplants
Kraus and McLaughlin - The Nanny Diaries
Kritsick, Stehpen - Creature Comforts
Kroeber, Theodora- Ishi: in Two Worlds
Kumin, Maxine- In Deep
Kunstler, James Howard- World Made by Hand
Kushner, Donn- A Book Dragon

Lack, David- The Life of the Robin
Lackey, Mercedes- The Fire Rose
Lacky, Mercedes- Joust
Lacy, Allen- Home Ground
Lacy, Allen- In a Green Shade
Lagerlof, Selma- The Wonderful Adventures of Nils
Lai, Larissa- When Fox is a Thousand
Laks, Ellie- My Gentle Barn
Lamb, Wally- She's Come Undone
Lamberton, Ken- Wilderness and Razor Wire
Lamott, Anne- Operating Instructions
Lanagan, Margo- Tender Morsels
Lane, Anthony et al- The Big New Yorker Book of Cats
Lanier, Sterling- Hiero's Journey
Lansing, Alfred- Endurance
Lansky, Vicki- Baby Proofing Basics
Lapierre, Dominique- The City of Joy
Larson, Hope- Chiggers
Laskas, Gretchen- The Midwife's Tale
Lauber, Patricia- Summer of Fire
Lauck, Jennifer- Blackbird
Lavers, Chris- The Natural History of Unicorns
Lawrence, D.H- The Fox
Lawrence, R.D.- The White Puma
Lawson, Robert- Rabbit Hill 
Lawson, Robert- Robbut
Laycock, George- The Alien Animals
Leap and Hunter- The Midwife's Tale
Lechner, John- Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood Forest
Lee, Dora- Biomimicry
Lee, Laurie- The Edge of Day
Lee, Tanith- Wolf Star
Lee, Tanith- Wolf Tower
L'Engle, Madeline- A Ring of Endless Light
LeGall, Frank- Freedom!
LeGuin, Ursula K.- The Beginning Place
LeGuin, Ursula K.- The Eye of the Heron
LeGuin, Ursula K.- The Left Hand of Darkness
LeGuin, Ursula K.- The Other Wind
Leibold, Jay- Surf Monkeys (Choose Your Own Adventure)
Leister, Mary- Wildlings
Lekuton, Joseph Lemasolai- Facing the Lion
Leo, Richard- Edges of the Earth
Leo, Richard- Way Out Here
Leopold, Aldo - A Sand County Almanac
Lerman, Rhoda - In the Company of Newfies
Leslie-Melville, Betty and Jock- There's a Rhino the Rosebed, Mother
Lesniewicz, Paul- Indoor Bonsai
Levandoski, Rob- Fresh Eggs
Levin, Larry- Oogy
Levin, Mark- Rescuing Sprite 
Levin, Ted- Liquid Land
LeVine, Nancy- A Dog's Book of Truths
Lewis, C.S.- The Screwtape Letters
Lewis, Colin- Growing and Displaying Bonsai
Libbrecht, Kenneth- The Snowflake
Lileks, James - Mommy Knows Worst
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow- Bring Me a Unicorn
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow- Gift from the Sea
Linden, Eugene- The Octopus and the Orangutan
Linden, Eugene- The Parrot's Lament
Linden, Eugene- Silent Partners
Lindgren, Astrid- Ronia, the Robber's Daughter
Lindskold, Jane- Through Wolf's Eyes
Lindqvist, John Ajvide- Let the Right One In
Line, Les- This Good Earth
Lisle, Laurie- Four Tenths of an Acre
Llewellyn, Richard- How Green Was My Valley
Lloyd and Mitchinson- The Book of Animal Ignorance
Lloyd-Jones, Buster- The Animals Came in One by One
Lofting, Hugh- The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle
Lofts, Norah- The Lute Player
Lofts, Norah- A Wayside Tavern
London, Jack - The Call of the Wild
London, Jack The People of the Abyss
London, Jack - The Sea-Wolf
London, Jack - White Fang
Longton, Tim- The Sheep Dog
Lopez, Barry- Arctic Dreams
Lopez, Barry- Of Wolves and Men
Lord, Graham- James Herriot: The Life of a Country Vet
Lorenz, Konrad- The Year of the Greylag Goose
Louch and Rogak- True Tails of Baker and Taylor
Louv, Richard - Last Child In the Woods
Lovejoy, Sharon- Trowel and Error
Low, Ann Marie- Dust Bowl Diary
Lucanus and Elson- Catfish
Ludington, Mary- The Nature of Dogs
Luke, Barbara- Every Pregnant Woman's Guide to Preventing Premature Birth

MacDonald, Betty- The Egg and I
MacDonald, Betty- Anybody Can Do Anything
Macdonal, Helen- H is for Hawk
Mackay, Sharon- Old Crow
Maclean, Charles- The Wolf Children
Maclean, Norman - A River Runs Through It
Madigan, Carleen, editor- The Backyard Homestead
Maguire, Gregory - Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
Maguire, Gregory - A Lion Among Men
Maguire, Gregory - Wicked
Maitre-Alain and Piednoir- Aquariums
Mallery, Richard- Nuts About Squirrels
Malson- Wolf Children and the Problem of Human Nature
Mandahl-Barth, G. - Aquarium Fishes in Color
March, William- Company K.
Marchand, William R.- Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Marchese, C. Marina- Honeybee
Marciano, Francesca- Rules of the Wild
Markham, Beryl- West with the Night
Markle, Sandra- Zebras: Animal Prey
Marquardt, Kathleen- Animalscam
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia- Living to Tell the Tale
Martel, Yann- Life of Pi
Martin, Ann- A Dog's Life
Martin, George R.R.- A Game of Thrones
Martin, George R.R.- A Clash of Kings
Martin, George R.R.- A Storm of Swords
Martin, George R.R.- A Feast for Crows
Martin, George R.R.- A Dance with Dragons
Martin, George R.R.- A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Martin, Peter- A Dog Called Perth
Markle, Sandra- Hyenas: Animal Scavengers
Martini, Adrienne- Hillbilly Gothic
Marven, Nigel- Dinosaurs
Marzluff, John N.- Welcome to Subirdia
Maslin, Bonnie- Picking Your Battles
Mason, Michael Paul- Head Cases
Masson, Jeffrey- Lost Prince
Masson, Jeffrey- The Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving
Masson, Jeffrey- The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats
Masson, Jeffrey- The Pig Who Sang to the Moon
Maugham, W. Somerset- Collected Short Stories, Vol. 4
Maugham, W. Somerset- The Moon and Sixpence
Mayle, Peter- A Dog's Life
Maynard, Gary S.- Plumbelly
Mayne, William- Antar and the Eagles
Maxwell, Gavin- Ring of Bright Water
Maxwell, Gavin- The Rocks Remain
Maxwell, Gavin- Raven Seek Thy Brother
Mazer, Norma Fox- Saturday, the Twelfth of October
McBride, James - The Color of Water
McCaig, Donald- A Useful Dog
McCaig, DonaldNop's Hope
McCaig, Donald- Nop's Trials
McCandless, Carine- The Wild Truth
McCaoulou, Lily Raff - Call of the Mild
McCarthy, Cormac- The Road 
McCarthy, Jenny- Belly Laughs
McCarthy, Matt- The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly
McCarthy, Susan- Becoming a Tiger
McCloskey, William- Fish Decks
McCloud, Scott- The Sculptor
McConnell, Patricia- The Other End of the Leash
McCourt- Angela's Ashes
McCracken, Mary - A Circle of Children
McCunn, Ruthanne Lum- Thousand Pieces of Gold
McDougall, Christopher- Born to Run
McGinnis, Joe- Going to Extremes
McGoldrick, Karen- A Matter of Feel
McGregor, Elizabeth - The Ice Child
McGrody, Ellen- Coping with Gender Dysphoria
McGuire, Seanan- Rosemary and Rue
McKenna, Martin- The Boy Who Talked to Dogs
McKinley, Robin- A Knot in the Grain
McKinley, Robin- Beauty
McKinley, Robin- Chalice
McKinley, Robin- Dragonhaven
McKinley, RobinPegasus
McKinley, Robin- Sunshine
McKinnon, John- In Search of the Red Ape
McClelland, Mac- Irritable Hearts
McMorris, Megan (editor)- Woman's Best Friend
McWhorter, John- The Power of Babel
Mead-Ferro, Muffy- Confessions of a Slacker Mom
Meek, Colonel S.- Frog: the Horse That Knew No Master
Meldrum, Christina- Madapple
Meltz, Barbara- Put Yourself in Their Shoes
Meredith, Susan- Hamsters
Merrell, Patrick- Bird Brainteasers
Merser, Cheryl- A Starter Garden
Michener, Anna- Becoming Anna
Midda, Sara- In and Out of the Garden
Miles, Kathryn- Adventures with Ari
Miller, Albert G.- Fury: Stallion of Broken Wheel Ranch
Miller, Dr. Alice- To Everything There is a Season
Miller, Keith- The Book of Flying
Miller, Robert- Most of My Patients Are Animals
Mills, Dick- Aquarium Fish (Eyewitness Handbooks)
Mills, DickYou and Your Aquarium
Mills, Gus- African Predators
Milne, A. A. - Winnie the Pooh
Milne, A. A. - The House at Pooh Corner
Milne, Christopher- The Enchanted Places
Mishler, William - A Measure of Endurance
Mittelbach, Margaret- Carnivorous Nights
Miyazaki, Hayao- My Neighbor Totoro
Monaco, Richard- Parsival, or a Knight's Tale
Monaco, Richard- The Grail War
Monks of New Skete - Divine Canine
Montgomery and Birklé- The Hidden Half of Nature
Montgomery, Elizabeth R.- The Story Behind Modern Books
Montgomery, Rutherford- Midnight
Montgomery, Sy - The Good Good Pig
Montgomery, Sy - How to Be a Good Creature
Montgomery, Sy- The Octopus Scientists
Montgomery, Sy- Quest for the Tree Kangaroo
Montgomery, Sy- Search for the Golden Moon Bear
Montgomery, Sy- The Soul of an Octopus
Montgomery, Sy- The Tapir Scientist
Moore, Judith - Fat Girl
Moorehead, Alan- No Room in the Ark
Morey, Walt - Kavik the Wolf Dog
Morgan, Clay - The Boy Who Spoke Dog
Morgan, Marlo- Mutant Message Down Under
Morell, Virginia- Animal Wise
Morris, Hofeling- Saddle Shoe Blues
Morrison, Toni- Beloved
Mowat, Farley- Lost in the Barrens
Mowat, Farley- People of the Deer
Mowat, Farley- A Whale for the Killing
Muhlhahn, Cara- Labor of Love
Muir, John- Stickeen
Mukjeri, Dhan- Gay-Neck the Story of a Pigeon
Mura, David- Turning Japanese
Murie, Adolph - A Naturalist in Alaska
Murie, Adolph - Ecology of the Coyote in the Yellowstone
Murphy, Robert- The Golden Eagle
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau- The Dragonbards
Murray, Jeff- For Big Bucks Only
Myers, Norman- The Long African Day
Myron, Vicki- Dewey
Myron, Vicki- Dewey's Nine Lives

Na, An - A Step From Heaven
Nabokov, Vladimir- Lolita
Nafisi, Azar - Reading Lolita in Tehran
Nagelschneider, Mieshelle- The Cat Whisperer
Nancy, Ted- Letters From a Nut
Napoli, Donna Jo- Beast
Napoli, Donna JoFish Girl
Napoli, Donna Jo- The Magic Circle
Narayan, R.K.- A Tiger for Malgudi
Nasser, Dave- Giant George
Nazario, Sonia- Enrique's Journey
Nazeer, Kamran - Send In the Idiots
Neal, Ernest- Badgers
Necker, Claire (editor)- Cats and Dogs
Nelson, Jandy- I'll Give You the Sun
Nesbit, E.- The Complete Book of Dragons
New Scientist- Why Don't Penguins; Feet Freeze?
Newell, Linda and Avery, Valeen- Mormon Enigma
Newport, Dodd - Mozart and the Whale
Nichols, Beverley- Merry Hall
Nicholson, Christopher- The Elephant Keeper
Nickerson- How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found
Niffenegger, Audrey - The Time Traveler's Wife
Nielsen, Jerri- Ice Bound
Nilsson, Lennart- A Child is Born
Nimier, Marie- The Giraffe
Nin, Anais- The Early Diaries
Nix, Garth- Mister Monday 
Nobleman, Marc Tyler- Foxes
Nordhaus, Hannah- The Beekeeper's Lament
Norris, Kenneth- Dolphin Days
North, Sterling- Raccoons Are the Brightest People
Norton, Andre- Breed to Come
Novogratz, Jacqueline- The Blue Sweater
Nugent, Kevin- Your Baby is Speaking to You

O'Brien, Stacey- Wesley the Owl
O'Connell, Caitlin- An Elephant's Life
O'Connor, Barbara- How To Steal A Dog
O'Connor, M.R.- Resurrection Science
O'Dell, Scott- Sing Down the Moon
O'Flaherty, Liam- Famine
Ogilvie, Elisabeth- The Dawning of the Day
O'Hara, Mary- My Friend Flicka
O'Hara, Mary- Wyoming Summer
O'Mara, Lesley (editor)- Great Cat Tales
Ommanney, F.D. (editor)- The Fishes
Oppel, Kenneth- Darkwing
O'Reilly, Judith- Wife in the North
Osborne and Johnson- The Treasury of Horses
Orwell, George - A Clergyman's Daughter
Orwell, George - Burmese Days
Orwell, George - Keep the Aspidistra Flying
Orwell, George - Down and Out In Paris and London
Outis, Angie- Sorry So Sorry
Outis, AngieMy Sin
Outis, Angie- Poisonous
Outis, AngieHollowed Out
Outis, Angie- Betrayers
Owens, Mark and Delia- Eye of the Elephant
Owens, Mark and Delia- Secrets of the Savannah

Padwee, Howard- The Cat Who Couldn't See in the Dark
Page, Russell- Education of a Gardener
Palmer, Suzanne- Thirty Three Percent Joe
Paolini, Christopher - Eragon
Papale, Vince- Invincible
Parfit and Chisholm- The Lost Whale
Park, Barbara- Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business
Park, Barbara- Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth
Park, Barbara- Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying
Park, Barbara- Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
Park, Barbara- Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren
Parkhurst, Carolyn- The Dogs of Babel
Parry, James- The Mating Lives of Birds
Parry, Rosanne- Heart of a Shepherd
Patchett, Anne- State of Wonder
Patent and Bilderback- Garden Secrets
Paton, Alan- Cry, the Beloved Country
Patterson, Francine- The Education of Koko
Pattou, Edith- East
Patrick, Ted- The Thinking Dog's Man
Paul, Jim- Elsewhere in the Land of Parrots
Paulsen, Gary- Hatchet
Paulsen, Gary- The River
Paver, Michele - Wolf Brother
Pearce, Philippa- Tom's Midnight Garden
Pearson, Mary- The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Pearson, T.R- Seaworthy
Peck, Sylvia- Seal Child
Peet, Bill- Capyboppy
Peete, Holly Robinson- Get Your Own Damn Beer...
Pennypacker, Sara- Pax
Pepperberg, Irene- Alex and Me
Perényi, Eleanor- Green ThoughtsPerez, Monica- Roller Coaster
Peri, Camille- Mothers who Think
Perrine, Doug- Sea Turtles of the World
Perry, Donald- Life Above the Jungle Floor
Perry, Michael- Coop
Peterson, Dale- The Moral Lives of Animals
Peterson and Goodall- Visions of Caliban
Petroski, Henry- The Book on the Bookshelf
Petterson, Per- Out Stealing Horses
Pfetzer, Mark- Within Reach
Piatt, Jean- Adventures in Birding
Picoult, Jodi - My Sister's Keeper
Picoult, Jodi- The Plain Truth
Pierce, Thomas- In the Hall of Small Mammals
Piers Paul Read - Alive
Pilkington, Doris- Rabbit-Proof Fence
Piley, John W.- Chaser
Pinkwater, Manus - Blue Moose
Pirsig - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Pitcher, Frederick- Identification Guide to Freshwater Tropical Fish
Pitcher, George- The Dogs Who Came to Stay
Pollan, Michael- The Botany of Desire
Pollan, Michael- In Defense of Food
Pollan, Michael- The Omnivore's Dilemma
Poole, Victoria- Thursday's Child
Popescu, Petru- Almost Adam
Porter, Gene Stratton- A Girl of the Limberlost
Potok, Chaim- Zebra and Other Stories
Prager, Ellen- Sex, Drugs and Sea Slime
Prendergast, Dorothy- The Wolf Hybrid
Prosek, James- Eels
Proulx, Annie- Brokeback Mountain
Pullman, Philip- The Golden Compass 
Pullman, Philip- The Subtle Knife 
Pullman, Philip- The Amber Spyglass 
Pundyk, Grace- The Honey Trail
Preston, Richard- The Wild Trees
Pruitt, William O.- Animals of the North
Pryor, Karen- Don't Shoot the Dog!

Quart, Alissa- Hothouse Kids
Quinn, John R.- Our Native Fishes

Rabinor, Judith- befriending your ex after divorce
Randle, Kristen - The Only Alien on the Planet
Rankin, David - Fast Sketching Techniques
Rau, Dana Meachan- Fish for Kids
Ravel, Edeet- The Cat
Rawicz, Slavomir- The Long Walk
Rawlings, Marjorie- The Yearling
Reader's Digest (various)- Marvels and Mysteries of Our Animal World
Reddell, Rayford C- A Year in the Life of a Rose
Reebs, Stephan- Fish Behavior
Reece, Erik- Lost Mountain
Rees, Celia- Witch Child
Relf, Diane (editor)- Notes from The Virginia Gardener, vol I
Relf, Diane (editor)- Notes from The Virginia Gardener, vol II
Reich, Lee- Weedless Gardening
Reid, Beryl - V&A Cats
Rietche, Dietlof- I, Freddy
Relin, David- Three Cups of Tea
Rendall and Bourke- A Lion Called Christian
Revkin, Andrew - The Burning Season
Rice, Thomas- Far from the Land
Richards, Susan- Chosen by a Horse
Richards, Susan- Chosen Forever
Richardson, Hazel- Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life
Richmond, Gary - A View from the Zoo
Ridgway, Keith- Animals
Ridgway, Sam- The Dolphin Doctor
Rienstra, Debra- Great with Child
Ripley, Dillon- A Paddling of Ducks
Ritland, Mike- Navy SEAL Dogs
Roberts, Charles G.D.- Red Fox
Roberts, Monty- The Horses in My Life
Robinson, Holly- The Gerbil Farmer's Daughter
Robinson, Kim Stanley- The Years of Rice and Salt
Rodriguez, Luis J.- Always Running
Rogers, Ray- Coleus: Rainbow Foliage for Containers and Gardens
Rong, Jiang- Wolf Totem
Ronyoung, Kim- Clay Walls
Rose, M. J. - The Reincarnationist
Rosen, Jonathan- The Life of the Skies
Rosen, R.D.- A Buffalo in the House
Rosenberg and Markowitz- The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New
Roszak, Theodore- The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein
Roth, Arthur- The Iceberg Hermit
Roth, Genneen - The Craggy Hole In My Heart...
Roth, Henry- Call It Sleep
Rowling, J.K.- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Rowling, J.K.- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Rowling, J.K.- The Tales of Beedle the Bard
Roy, Jennifer- Yellow Star
Rudacille, Deborah- The Scalpel and the Butterfly
Rue, Leonard Lee- How I Photograph Wildlife and Nature
Rumbaugh, Sue- Kanzi
Runyon, Brent- The Burn Journals
Russell, Franklin- Watchers at the Pond
Rustad, Marc- How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps
Rutledge, Leigh- Diary of a Cat
Ryden, Hope - Wild Horses I Have Known
Ryrie and Engel- The Gaia Book of Organic Gardening

Sachar, Louis- Holes
Sacks, Oliver - A Leg to Stand On
Sacks, Oliver - An Anthropologist on Mars
Sacks, Oliver - Awakenings 
Sacks, Oliver- The Island of the Colorblind
Sacks, Oliver- The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
Salatin, Joel- Folks, This Ain't Normal
Sandford, Gina- Aquarium Owner's Manual
Safina, Carl- Eye of the Albatross
Safina, Carl- Voyage of the Turtle
Saint-Exupery, Antoine de - Wind, Sand and Stars
Saint-Exupery, Antoine de - The Little Prince
Sales, Nancy Jo- American Girls
Salten, Felix- Bambi 
Salten, Felix- Bambi's Children
Salten, Felix- Fifteen Rabbits
Salzman, Mark - Lying Awake
Santiago, Esmeralda - When I Was Puerto Rican
Sapolsky, Robert- A Primate's Memoir
Saroyan, William- My Name is Aram
Sarton, May- The Fur Person
Sasson, Jean - Princess
Sasson, Jean - Princess Sultana's Circle
Sasson, Jean - Princess Sultana's Daughters
Saunders, Marshall- Beautiful Joe
Savitt, Sam- Wild Horse Running
Schaefer, Jack- Old Ramon
Schaller, George- A Naturalist and Other Beasts
Schaller, GeorgeTibet Wild
Sasson, Jean - Princess Sultana's Circle
Scheffer, Victor- Adventures of a Zoologist
Scheffer, Victor- The Year of the Seal
Scheffer, Victor- The Year of the Whale
Scheper-Hughes, Nancy- Saints, Scholars and Schizophrenics
Scheuer, Lauren- Once Upon a Flock
Schiotz, Arne- A Guide to Aquarium Fishes and Plants
Schliewen, Ulrich- Aquarium Fish
Schwerin, Doris- Diary of a Pigeon Watcher
Schiller, Lori- The Quiet Room 
Schlaepfer, Gloria- Hyenas
Schlessinger, Laura- The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
Schlitz, Laura Amy- The Night Fairy
Schlosser, Eric- Fast Food Nation
Schomp, Virginia- Triceratops and Other Horned Plant-Eaters
Schor, Juliet- Plenitude
Schultz, Warren- A Man's Garden
Scigliano, Eric- Love, War and Circuses
Scott, Aurleia- Otherwise Normal People
Scott, Carey- Dangerous Dinosaurs Q&A
Scudder, Janet- Modeling My Life
Seal, Mark- Wildflower
Sears, William and Martha- The Birth Book
Sedaris, David- Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk
Sedaris, David- When You Are Engulfed in Flames
Sedenko, Jerry- The Butterfly Garden
Sedgwick, John- The Peaceable Kingdom
Sedgwick, Marcus- The Dark Horse
Seidenstecker, editor- Great Cats
Seierstad, Asne- The Bookseller of Kabul
Selzer, Richard- Mortal Lessons
Selznick, Brian- The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Sendak, Maurice- Higglety Pigglety Pop!
Server, Dean- The Majesty of the Horse
Service, William - Owl
Setterfield, Diane- The Thirteenth Tale
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Bannertail
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Biography of a Grizzly
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Biography of a Silver Fox
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Lives of the Hunted
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Lobo, Rags and Vixen
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Monarch, the Big Bear of Tallac
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Rolf in the Woods
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Trail of an Artist Naturalist
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Trail of the Sandhill Stag
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Two Little Savages
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Wild Animals at Home
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Wild Animals I Have Known
Seton, Ernest Thompson- Woodland Tales
Sewell, Anna - Black Beauty
Sfar, Joann- The Rabbi's Cat
Shaw, Richard- The Bird Book
Shafer, Mary (editor)- Almost Perfect
Shedd, Warner- Owls Aren't Wise and Bats Aren't Blind
Sheed, Wilfrid- In Love with Daylight
Sherman, Charles (editor)- Nature's Wonders in Full Color
Sherr, Lynn- Tall Blondes
Shetterly, Will- Dogland
Shreve, Anita - The Pilot's Wife
Shreve, AnitaSea Glass
Shubel, Stan- Aquarium Care of Fancy Guppies
Shusterman, Neal- Challenger Deep
Sienkiewicz-Mercer, Ruth- I Raise My Eyes to Say Yes
Siino, Betsy Sikoro- Hamster
Silberman, Jayne M.- In the Herd
Silverberg, Robert- The Auk, the Dodo and the Oryx
Silverstein, Shel - The Giving Tree
Simmons, Mark A.- Killing Keiko
Simmons, Rachel- The Curse of the Good Girl
Simon and Schuster- Guide to Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Fishes
Simpson, Dana- Phoebe and Her Unicorn
Simpson, Dana- Unicorn on a Roll
Simpson, DanaUnicorn vs. Goblins
Simpson, DanaRazzle Dazzle Unicorn
Singer, Judy Reene - Horseplay
Singh and Zingg- Wolf Children and Feral Man
Sipple, William S.- Through the Eyes of a Young Naturalist
Sjonger and Kalman- Gerbils
Sjonger and Kalman- Mice
Skomal, Gregory- Freshwater Aquarium
Skurzynski, Gloria- What Happened in Hamelin
Sleator, William- House of Stairs
Sloan, Christopher- Bizarre Dinosaurs
Sloan, Mark- Birth Day
Smiley, Jane- Moo
Smiley, Jane- A Thousand Acres
Smiley, Jane- A Year at the Races
Smiley, Jane- Ordinary Love and Good Will
Smith, Alexander McCall- The Girl Who Married a Lion
Smith, Betty- Maggie-Now
Smith, Bradley- The Horse in the West
Smith, Doty- I Capture the Castle
Smith, Joanna- The One-Hour Garden
Smith, Jos A.- The Pen and Ink Book
Smith, Lucy Mack- The History of Joseph Smith
Smith, Mark Phillip- Tetras and Other Characins
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley- Black and Blue Magic
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr - The Gulag Archipelago
Sorel, Nancy Caldwell- Word People
Soto, Gary- Buried Onions
Southern Living- Vegetable Gardening
Spilsbury, Richard- Bengal Tigers (Animals Under Threat)
Spinelli, Jerry- Loser
Spinelli, Jerry- Stargirl
Spinka, Penina Keen- Picture Maker
Stadelmann and Finley- Tropical Fish
Stansbury, Ed- Breeding and Raising Angelfishes
Stanwell-Fletcher, Theodora- Driftwood Valley
Stark, Peter- The White Bushman
Starkell, Don- Paddle to the Amazon
Stegner, Wallace- All the Little Live Things
Stegner, Wallace- Mormon Country
Steig, William- Abel's Island
Stein, Sara B.- Noah's Garden
Stein, Barbara B.- My Weeds
Steinbeck, John- The Red Pony
Steingraber, Sandra- Having Faith
Stephen, David- Bodach the Badger
Stephens, Mary Jo- Zoe's Zodiac
Stephenson, Neal- Quicksilver
Sterba, Jim- Nature Wars
Sterling, Ian (editor)- Bears
Stevens, Austin- Snakemaster
Stevens, Kathy- Where the Blind Horse Sings
Stevenson, Robert Louis - Treasure Island
Stewart, Amy- Flower Confidential 
Stewart, Amy- From the Ground Up
Stewart, Amy- Wicked Plants
Stewart, Mary- Touch Not the Cat
Stewart Mary - The Wicked Day
Stockett, Kathryn- The Help
Stockton, Frank- The Griffin and the Minor Canon
Stockton, Shreve- The Daily Coyote
Stoker, Bram- Dracula
Stone, Irving (editor) - Dear Theo
Stone, Irving- The Origin
Stone, Richard- Mammoth
Stone, Sophia L.- Mormon Diaries
Stonehouse, Bernard- Mountain Life
Stout, Mira- One Thousand Chestnut Trees
Stretch, Mary Jane- The Swan in My Bathtub
Stromberg, Tony- Spirit Horses
Stuart, Jesse - Thread That Runs So True
Stutchbury, Bridget- Silence of the Songbirds
Strycker, Noah- The Thing with Feathers
Sullivan, Robert- Rats
Sullivan, Robert (editor)- Wonders of Life
Summer, Lauralee- Learning Joy from Dogs without Collars
Surtees, Robert- Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour
Swanson, Susan Marie- The House in the Night
Swartzwelder and White- What Are They Thinking?!
Sweeny, Mary- The 101 Best Aquarium Plants
Sweeney, William- Woman's Doctor
Swift, Earl- Journey on the James
Swinfen, Averil- Donkeys Galore
Synge, Ursula- Swan's Wing
Szymanski and Emge- Chicoteague Ponies

Taber, Gladys- Conversations with Amber
Tallamy, Douglas W.- Bringing Nature Home
Tan, Shaun- The Arrival
Tan, Shaun- The Bird King
Tan, Shaun- Rules of Summer
Tan, Shaun- Tales from Outer Suburbia
Tappan, Frank Lee- Aquaria Fish
Tarte, Bob- Enslaved by Ducks
Tarte, Bob- Fowl Weather
Tarte, Bob- Kitty Cornered
Tatsuyama, Sayuri- Happy Happy Clover Vol 1 
Tatsuyama, Sayuri- Happy Happy Clover Vol 2 
Tatsuyama, Sayuri- Happy Happy Clover Vol 3
Tatsuyama, Sayuri- Happy Happy Clover Vol 4
Tawada, Yoko- Memoirs of a Polar Bear
Taylor, David- Is There a Doctor in the Zoo?
Taylor, David- My Animal Kingdom, One by One
Taylor, David- Vet on the Wild Side
Taylor, David- Next Panda, Please!
Taylor, David- The Wandering Whale
Taylor, David- Zoo Vet
Taylor, Patrick- An Irish Country Doctor
Temerlin, Maurice- Lucy: Growing up Human
Tennant, Alan- On the Wing
Terkel, Studs- Working
Terrace, Herbert S.- Nim
Tey, Josephine- The Daughter of Time
Thapar, Valmik- Tigers: the Secret Life
Thayer, Cynthia- Strong for Potatoes
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall- The Tribe of Tiger
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall- The Hidden Life of Deer
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall- Reindeer Moon
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall- The Animal Wife
Thomas, Roseanne Daryl- Beeing
Thompson, Craig- Blankets
Thompson, Ken- Where Do Camels Belong?
Thornton, Rosy- The Tapestry of Love
Thoreau, Henry David- Faith in a Seed
Thwaites, Thomas- GoatMan
Tinbergen, Niko- The Herring Gull's World
Tinti, Hannah- Animal Crackers
Tolkien, J.R.R. - Letters from Father Christmas
Tolkien, J.R.R. - Roverandom
Tolstoy, Leo- The Lion and the Puppy and Other Stories
Tomine, Dylan- Closer to the Ground
Tomkies, Mike- Moobli 
Tomlinson, Harry- Bonsai: Home Handbooks
Tomlinson, Harry- Bonsai: 101 Essential Tips
Tomlinson, H.M.- The Sea and the Jungle
Trainor, Kathleen- Calming Your Anxious Child
Travers, P.L.- About the Sleeping Beauty
Troost, J. Maarten- Getting Stoned with Savages
Trout, Nick- Tell Me Where It Hurts
Tsukiyama, Gail- Dreaming Water
Tubby, Linda- Herbs: Exciting Recipes
Tucker, Sara- Our House in Arusha
Turner, Nancy E.- These Is My Words
Turner, Pamela- Project Seahorse
Tuttle, Merlin- America's Neighborhood Bats
Twain, Mark - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Twain, Mark - Roughing It
Tweti, Mira- Of Parrots and People

Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher- A Midwife's Tale
Unita, Yumi- Bunny Drop: Volume 1
Unita, Yumi- Bunny Drop: Volume 2
Unita, Yumi- Bunny Drop: Volume 3
Unita, Yumi- Bunny Drop: Volume 4
Unita, Yumi- Bunny Drop: Volume 5
Unita, Yumi- Bunny Drop: Volume 6
Unita, YumiBunny Drop: Volume 7
Unita, YumiBunny Drop: Volume 8
Unita, YumiBunny Drop: Volume 9
Unita, YumiBunny Drop: Volume 10
Urbigkit, Cat- Path of the Pronghorn
Ursu, Anne- The Disapparation of James
USDA- Growing Your Own Vegetables

Vaillant, John - The Tiger
VanBlaricom, Glenn- Sea Otters
van Gaalen, Anneleos- Never Use White Type on a Black Background
van Pelt, Katie- Potty Training Your Baby
van Pelt Wilson, Helen- Complete Book of African Violets
van Scyoc, Sydney- Daughters of the Sunstone
van Scyoc, Sydney- Sunwaifs
van Vechten, Carl- The Tiger in the House
Vanderlip, Sharon- Dwarf Hamsters
Vann, David- Aquarium
Vann, David- Caribou Island
Vaughan, Brian K. - Pride of Baghdad
Velde, Vivian- The Rumpelstiltskin Problem
Venables, Hubert- The Frankenstein Diaries
Verny, Thomas- The Secret Life of the Unborn Child
Verweerd, Johanna - the Winter Garden
Vincent, Peggy- Baby Catcher
Vinicoff, Eric and Martin, Marcia- The Weigher
von Arnim, Elizabeth - All the Dogs of My Life
von Arnim, Elizabeth- Elizabeth and Her German Garden
Vyn, Gerrit- The Living Bird

Wade, Nicholas- New York Times Book of Mammals
Walker, Bob- The Cats' House
Wallace, Bill- A Dog Called Kitty
Wallace, David Rains- The Turquoise Dragon
Wallace, Joseph- A Gathering of Wonders
Waller, John- The Dancing Plague
Walls, Jeannette - The Glass Castle
Walsh, Michael- The Dirt Riddles
Ward, Brian- Aquarium Fish Survival Manual
Ward, Jesmyn- Salvage the Bones
Ward, Logan- See You in a Hundred Years
Warner, Penny- Toilet Training without Tears or Trauma
Warner, Sylvia Townsend- The Kingdoms of Elfin
Warner, William- Beautiful Swimmers
Warwick, Hugh- The Hedgehog's Dilemma
Waters, Frank- The Woman at Otowi Crossing
Waters, Sarah - Fingersmith
Watterson, Bill- Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes
Watterson, Bill- The Essential Calvin and Hobbes
Watterson, BillHomicidal Psycho Jungle Cat
Watterson, Bill- Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes
Watterson, Bill- Lazy Sunday Book
Watterson, Bill- Scientific Project Goes "Boink"
Weidensaul, Scott- The Ghost with Trembling Wings
Weir, Rosemary- Pyewacket
Weisman, Alan- The World Without Us
Weiss, Bobbi J.G.- The Lion King: the junioir graphic novel
Wells, H.G.- The Time Machine
Wendell, Julia- Finding My Distance
West, Cameron- First Person Plural
White, Barbara Claypole- The Unfinished Garden
White, E.B. - Charlotte's Web
White, Katharine- Onward and Upward in the Garden
White, William- A Turtle is Born
Whittemore, Hank- So That Others May Live
Wiesel, Elie- Night
Wilcove, David S.- No Way Home
Wilde, Oscar- Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 1
Wilde, Oscar- Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 2
Wilde, Oscar- Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 4
Wilder, Edna- Once Upon an Eskimo Time
Wilhelm, Kate- Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
Wilkes, Angela- My First Green Book
Williams, Sarah- 101 Facts About Tropical Fish
Willingham, Bill- Animal Farm
Willingham, Bill- Legends in Exile
Willis, Connie - Doomsday Book
Willis, Connie - To Say Nothing of the Dog
Wilson, David Henry- The Coachman Rat
Wilsson, Lars- My Beaver Colony
Winchester, Simon- The Professor and the Madman
Windling and Datlow, editors- Black Swan, White Raven
Woginrich, Jenna- Barnheart
Woginrich, Jenna- Made from Scratch
Wohlleben, Peter- The Hidden Life of Trees
Wohlleben, Peter- The Hidden Life of Animals
Wolf, Steven- Comet's Tale
Wolfe, Ellen- Aftershock
Wolff, Tobias- Old School
Wolfsheimer, Gene- The Guide to Owning Bettas
Woods, Jacqueline- Hush
Woods, Vanessa- Bonobo Handshake
Woodhouse, Barbara- Talking to Animals
Woodhull and Rotner- Every Season
Worth, Jennifer- The Midwife
Wroblewski, David- The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

X, Doctor- Intern

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn- Four Horses for Tishtry
Yep, Laurence- Angelfish
Yoffe, Emily - What the Dog Did
Yolen, Jane- Briar Rose
Yolen, Jane- Children of the Wolf
Yolen, JaneDragon's Blood
Yolen, JaneDragon's Heart
Yolen, Jane- Foiled
Yolen, JaneHeart's Blood
Yolen, Jane- The Last Dragon
Yolen, Jane- The Mermaid's Three Wisdoms
Yolen, JaneA Sending of Dragons
Yolen, Jane- Tales of Wonder
Yolen, JaneTrash Mountain

Zeveloff, Samuel- Raccoons
Zibners, Lara- If Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Still Be Okay
Zickefoose, Julie- Baby Birds: An Artist Looks into the Nest
Zickefoose, Julie- The Bluebird Effect
Zistel, Era- Thistle & Co.
Zusak, Markus- The Book Thief