Apr 2, 2016

end of the Dare!

Completed the TBR Dare yesterday! I read twenty books, but added quite a few new ones to my shelves, so it didn't really clear any space off. I still have several stacks piled on the floor. It was nice to get through them. They were not all keepers, but I didn't abandon any, so at least all were good reads. I think my favorites of the lot were My Weeds- very informative! and Cry, the Beloved Country- a book I'd had for a very long time and am glad I finally read it.


Shelley said...

I should have participated in the TBR Dare! I remember liking Cry, the Beloved Country. If I'm remembering right, it was very lyrical and beautiful.

bermudaonion said...

Way to go!!

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! Well done you!