Nov 19, 2015

cat and mouse

This is one of the more challenging (or let's say frustrating) puzzles I've done. It's been made more difficult on purpose by Bepuzzled. Not only is the picture very repetitive (variety of four or five cat poses only, made different sizes, flipped horizontally and duplicated over and over) and severely limited in color scheme but also: it's not all shown on the box, the puzzle itself has no border pieces, and there's five extra pieces thrown in to confuse you. So it was kind of a jumble taking pictures of as well because I didn't have a border to align the camera with until near the end. This one took me twice as long as other puzzles of similar size (750 pieces). There were plenty of sittings I did in between these shots where I only managed to fit two or three pieces in place before giving up for the day!
When it's done, not really a picture I enjoy looking at, either. Too- gimicky- not quite the right word, but maybe you know what I mean. So I don't think this one's a keeper...


bermudaonion said...

That does look like a challenge - I've never seen a puzzle like that.

Thistle said...

While it would be even harder, I think I'd like the final picture better if they were all black cats.

Adding extra pieces in is just cruel! :D