Sep 28, 2015


Four days ago I forgot to mention the oddest thing I came across while reading Wild Heritage. Typos always jump out at me- spelling and grammar errors, letters switched around, mistaken homonyms and so on. But this was something I've never seen before. Does this passage make any sense when you read it as printed? (page 112 in my edition)
Nope. You have to read the two lines highlighted yellow first, followed by the two highlighted in blue.
Somehow when the book was printed, these four lines got switched around. It really puzzled me when I first read the page, could not figure out what was wrong at first! Have you ever found a strange typo or printing error in a book? (I have another book on my shelf that has the first twenty pages included twice).


bermudaonion said...

I'm always surprised when I find something like that in a finished copy - it seems the publisher should have discovered it before it got that far.

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Oo, weird! I bought a book once where the pages were slightly jumbled -- around the middle, there were maybe twenty pages that weren't in the right order. I was able to make it work because the pages were all still numbered, but it was odd and disorienting.

I also read this story earlier in the week which -- maybe the funniest printer-error story I've ever heard. (Not that, like, there's incredibly steep competition for that.)

Jeane said...

bermudaonion- Yes, they should! I'm always annoyed to find little typos that sneak through, particularly when things like homonyms indicate (to me at least, I'm not sure) that a computer did a spellcheck and there was no human proofreader. But this!

Jenny- I read that link: wow. Cracked me up. No wonder the customer was upset!! I didn't know printers ever put more than one book on the press simultaneously.

Thistle said...

Wow, I've seen all sorts of typos and editing issues, but never that one.

Stefanie said...

Weird! I've never come across an error like that before. The most dramatic error I've ever had in a book was several missing chapters.

Jeane said...

Missing chapters would be so annoying! I once bought a book that had the last few pages missing- they had fallen loose or been torn out. Glad I bought it online, the seller replaced the copy but for a while I was irritated not knowing how the book ended!