Mar 17, 2012

Mirror Me

I have just not been reading much lately. The one book I am reading is going slow; I'm not much interested in it, but it's the final in a series I read long ago so I do want to finish just to see how it all closes. More on that later. I've mostly been busy gardening, and the baby is still sick (going on a week now of this miserable cold). Hopefully the blog will pick up again soon!

So I looked around for one of the baby books I haven't mentioned here yet. I bought this one back when the baby was just four or five months old, to entertain her on a plane trip. I thought she would like it because of the mirrors. Turns out it didn't entertain her then, at all. But now it's her favorite book to read when she's sitting on the potty. I sit behind her and she can see my face next to her in the little mirrors- each page has one. It's cute enough- all about imitating gestures and facial expressions. Smile, stick out your tongue, make your eyes go wide. The baby's favorite is the page where a cow puffs her cheeks full of air- I always blow on her hair when I make the puff noise, and she giggles. Some of the characters are just named by their identity- Frog, Gecko, etc. But others have names- Violet the mouse, for example. I'm assuming they're characters from other Baby Einstein products, but I'm not sure.

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Literary Feline said...

I hope the baby is feeling better soon. :-( I hate it when they are sick.

I got this book for Mouse and she was quite fond of it for a short while there, seeing herself in the mirror. She doesn't pay much attention to it anymore.