Sep 26, 2010

weekly finds

I keep doing these posts on saturdays, even though they're supposed to be on fridays! Go here to see what the host of Friday Finds put up. Well, my energy has been kind of blah all week (or two) but here's some books I have nevertheless added to my TBR list recently (plus a link to the blogger who made me aware of each book!):

Tide Feather Snow by Miranda Weiss- Raging Bibliomania
Farm City by Novella Carpenter from Amy Reads
A Prickly Affair by Hugh Warwick- The Stay at Home Bookworm
Bad Karma by David Safier- Farm Lane Books
The Birds and Other Stories by Daphne duMaurie- Savidge Reads
Wolf Moon by Charles de Lint- Stuff as Dreams are Made On


Chris said...

Your energy is totally allowed to be blah with a baby on the way! Even without one it can be blah :p But I'm so glad to see Wolf Moon on your list :) And Farm City! I really want to read that one.

farmlanebooks said...

I'm really pleased that Bad Karma caught your interest. I hope that you decide to read it one day :-)

Bookfool said...

What Chris said. :) I've got a copy of Tide, Feather, Snow that I intended to read before we left for Alaska but didn't get to. I probably won't get around to reading it for a while, so if you beat me to it I'll be excited to read your review.

Debi said...

Oooh, Daphne du Maurier is my favorite short story writer of all time!!! (And still, I haven't read any of her novels--go figure.) I so hope you enjoy if end up picking up one of her collections!

And Jeane, you really need to cut yourself some slack--you know, that whole flagging energy thing. You're body's working hard after all!

Amy said...

I'm pleased to see Farm City on your list! I hope you really enjoy it.