Aug 28, 2010

lots of finds

It's been a while since I posted Friday Finds (and it's not friday, oops). Well, here's a list of more titles I want to read, with a nod to the blogger who made me add it to my list!

Plain Kate by Erin Bow- The Zen Leaf
Finny by Justin Kramon- Book Addiction
The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball from At Home with Books
Better Off by Eric Brend- Sophisticated Dorkiness
Hannah's Dream by Diane Hammond- Ardent Reader
The Whale- Phillip Hoare- Just Book Reading
Foiled by Jane Yolen from Stuff as Dreams are Made On
Wild Comfort by Kathleen Moore- Caribousmom
Room by Emma Donoghue from Paperback Reader
Prep by Curtis Sittenfield- Kyusi Reader
Perfect Peace by Daniel Black- The Zen Leaf
Circus in Winter by Cathy Day- Indextrious Reader
Grizzly Heart by Charlie Russell- books i done read
Rediscovering Birth by Shelia Kitzinger- SMS Book Reviews
The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante- The Zen Leaf
Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton- Things Mean a Lot
The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elizabeth Bailey from The Black Sheep Dances


Amanda said...

Wow, I'm surprised I ended up here three times! My reviews have felt so boring and off-balance lately. Sigh. :/ Well I'm glad I'm helping you find stuff you want to read. :D

Chris said...

Wow!! That is a lot of books added to ye ole wishlist :p So glad to see Foiled on there :) And Room!! I'm so excited about that one. Can't wait for it to come out.

Wendy said...

Oh, I hope you'll enjoy Wild Comfort - it is such a beautiful book! Thanks for the link love!

Alyce said...

Seeing all of the books on your wish list, and how many different blogs they came from, makes me realize just how far behind I am in my blog reader.

Nymeth said...

I love the cover collage! And I hope you'll enjoy Tooth and Claw when you get to it :)

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

The covers are so fun to look at! I finished Better Off last week, and it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I still liked it and thought it was interesting, but the writing was a little academic and self-important for me (but that might just be a taste thing).

Zibilee said...

Room was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it to you. Very unusual and clever. Finny was also very good and brought out a lot of nostalgia in me. I think you might like it as well.