Apr 4, 2010

dogeared progress

I've read a few more well-worn, used books for the Dogeared reading challenge I'm hosting. The copy of Guns, Germs and Steel I borrowed from a neighbor had tons of dogeared pages, a curled and folded cover, and half the book severely yellowed by sun exposure.
Popular Flowering Plants was an old, faded book with tanned pages and very worn corners. My copy of The Owl Service had a loose spine, chipped and torn dust jacket, and scuffed edges.
 One reader sent me in her photo, of a book she read called Line on Ginger.
Leah says this book "was very mildewed  (brown spotten top),  horrible smell and I always had to take an antihistimine before I picked it up!!" Now, I've read some pretty smelly books , but if one was bad enough to make me feel ill, I'd toss it and find a new copy! I think Leah deserves some praise for putting up with such a smelly book. Was it worth the suffering to get to the end, Leah? I do hope it was a good read!

Her bird book, if anything, looks like it's in worse shape!

Who else has read some smelly or tattered books for this challenge? Tell us about it in the comments, or send in photos of your worst-looking book! Next progress post will be in June. Happy reading!


Jenny said...

Seriously, I've been too careful of my lovely books! I hunted through my books, and I've replaced nearly all my tatty old books, or covered them with contact paper.

Jeane said...

Well, I do the same. I pick up tatty ones from thrift stores on a whim, and then if I really like them, get a new, nicer copy. So I understand!

Eva said...

These pictures make me cringe, lol.

Jeane said...

They make me cringe, too. But I still read 'em sometimes!

Anonymous said...

'Line on Ginger' by Robin Maugham is described as psychological suspense. It begins as a postwar story and though published in 1950 it's unfortunately still very current.
I'll give the book 4 damage points (cover, odor, mold and yellow pgs).
From Leah

Anonymous said...

My second book is 'A Golden Nature Guide to the most Familiar American Birds.' Having always found solace and awe in nature this book is a delight. And it seems appropriate that it's in bad shape. I think this book must of accompanied a bird watcher on field trips. The tabs on top are mine, but I also want to learn more about Purple Martins. I'll give this book three damage points (dogears, spine, and cover).
From Leah

Jeane said...

Thanks, Leah, for sharing with us about your books! I only have one bird guide, a little shabby one with hand-drawn illustrations. I need to get a new one!