Dec 11, 2009

DogEar Reading Challenge Wrapup

This is the last post for my DogEar Reading challenge. I finished it yesterday. The five books I read were:

The Snowflake

The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle
Growing Your Own Vegetables
Search for the Golden Moon Bear
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

If you've completed the challenge, use the Mr. Linky below to link to your wrap-up post (you have to click through to view the mister linky- it doesn't show up in the reader I don't know why). At the end of the month I'll draw a name and one lucky participant will win the prize (your choice of any three books from my swap shelf- 228 titles- some of my handmade bookmarks, or BookMooch points). I know several of you have already completed the challenge and written up your final posts; please leave your link here again so your name is sure to be included in the drawing.

I'm trying to decide if I want to host a reading challenge again next year. I liked doing it, but didn't get many participants. I feel like a different (more focused) theme would be more interesting, and perhaps I had poor timing in when it started- everyone was already involved in so many other reading challenges! Any feedback on this is appreciated- what can I do better next time? is it advisable to host the challenge on its own site? should I let it run all year instead of six months? or are there just so many other reading challenges already out there that it's kind of pointless adding mine to the mix...?


Jenny said...

I really enjoyed your challenge! Well, am still enjoying it, except the horrible library won't get my last book for me. I may have to go all the way out to the Central branch library to pick it up. But really, I liked it a lot, and I read several books I wouldn't have otherwise read - at least not right away. :)

If you are looking to do something more theme-y next time, maybe something with animals? Since you are always reading fascinating books about all sorts of animals?

Jeane said...

Thanks, Jenny. Well, there's already the What An Animal Challenge (which I also participated in!). I was thinking more of doing a theme on reading "old", something along the lines of appreciating those books that have already seen many readers... it would kind of fit in with the "dogear" of my title, too.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

I like your idea for "dogear" (backlist?) titles in a challenge.

I don't have advise to offer as a challenge host. Unfortunately, the one challenge I hosted (LibraryThing Authors) didn't have many participants, and I wasn't proactive in promoting it.

I think you're right, the theme has to be what draws people in. Good luck with whatever you decide to do (and don't take the lack of participants personally, this has been a busy fall!)