Aug 23, 2008

First Person Plural

My Life as a Multiple
by Cameron West

I thought this book looked interesting. Picked up from the same time and place (probably the same shelf even) as Aftershock. It's a firsthand account of a man suffering from dissociative personality disorder. He had twenty-four different personalities. I read almost sixty pages before the first suggestion of child abuse arose, that of incest. From his grandmother. I knew there was going to be more, and probably more graphic, descriptions of the incidents from his childhood and I just didn't want to read about that. It's too much for me. Plus, I was bored by all the descriptions - by brand name- of his expensive possessions and the flat, uninteresting writing style. Curious what others had said about this book, I looked at some of the Amazon reviews. This one describes it pretty well: "This book must contain the largest collection of bad metaphors ever published."

Abandoned                     319 pages, 1999


Literary Feline said...

It's really too bad this book was disappointing. It is an interesting premise. I've always found dissociative disorder interesting. I remember reading Sybil and another book (whose title eludes me at the moment), based on true stories about similar experiences.

Jeane said...

I never heard of Sybil until I read those Amazon reviews- a lot of them mentioned Sybil as being a better book about similar subject. Perhaps I should go look for it.

janet said...

I've not read Sybil, but I've seen the movie with Sally Field. It was years ago, but I remember it as being powerful.

I'm with you -- I couldn't have finished this one. At least the title is clever.

verbivore said...

It's such a shame this book didn't work, the title alone seems very interesting.

Trish said...

Yikes!! I agree with verbivore that the title makes the book seem like a compelling read. Poor guy probably could have used some help from a better editor...we're not all born writers.