Jun 5, 2008

Meme: Trends

.From Booking Through Thursday:

Have your book-tastes changed over the years? More fiction? Less? Books that are darker and more serious? Lighter and more frivolous? Challenging? Easy? How-to books over novels? Mysteries over Romance?

My reading taste has definitely undergone a gradual shift over the years. When I was a teenager I used to read a lot of picture books, and enjoy them! There would be days when I would gather a pile of picture books and just sit on the couch and go through them all. I don't do that anymore. I guess I'm finally growing up, but they just don't enthrall and delight me like they used to. Now when we're in the children's section of the library, my focus is more on finding books my child will enjoy than looking for myself.

I also used to read a lot of books I didn't like. This doesn't really fall under reading tastes, but I feel it's related. In going back through my book logs, I am coming across numerous titles that I remember reading and disliking, or just not caring about. Why did I make myself suffer so? I'm definitely enjoying reading more nowadays, and reading more books I like, because if a book just isn't doing it for me, I have no qualms on quitting.

I do still pick up YA or juvenile fiction from time to time, but am finding that my appreciation for that genre is slowly sifting away, as well. I don't have much patience anymore for books that feel like they talk down to the reader, and have a hard time reading a book written for a younger audience unless it's very well-written and crafted. Overall, I would say that I am now reading mostly adult fiction, some fantasy, and a lot more non-fiction than I ever did before. My husband has also been directing me to more sci-fi books and non-fiction on topics I wouldn't normally choose for myself. Oh, and I rarely read poetry anymore, though I used to from time to time. A few months ago I picked up a poetry book I saw on shelf display at the library, and brought it home. But after reading only three poems I was bored and since then haven't really read any poetry at all. This makes me rather sad. I don't know why I've lost my appreciation for poetry.


writer2b said...

I've felt a similar liberation from finishing books I don't like lately. I've rediscovered the pleasure of reading, and as a result am reading more... I guess joy is a better motivation that guilt or misguided self-improvement.

Anonymous said...

I think we go through cycles in our reading tastes. Perhaps your enjoyment of reading poetry will return.

Bybee said...

I used to read more poetry, too.

Trish said...

Like Bybee, I used to read poetry but never seem to anymore--same thing with short stories. I'm reading a lot more non-fiction than I used to--although I could still be reading more of it. I think as we grow as people it is natural for our tastes and interests to change a little.