May 8, 2008

Witness to War

An American Doctor in El Salvador
by Charles Clements

Dr. Charles Clements is a physician who in 1982 went to El Salvador to provide basic medical care for civilians in several rural communities. In his book Witness to War, Clements gives an insider's look of US oppression in El Salvador and other Central American countries, and what the lives and sufferings of the guerillas were like. I found it interesting to read about the rural lifestyles in El Salvador, and how severely affected the people were by lack of adequate health care, supplies or basic education. Dr. Clements worked hard to improve their situation, and the more involved he became with the local people, the more he questioned what American forces were doing in El Salvador, even though he tried to remain neutral to both sides. A very fascinating and inspiring book. What I like most about it is its portrait of the central american peoples, how they lived and survived in a time of warfare.

Rating: 3/5                     320 pages, 1984


Anonymous said...

This sounds really interesting, I find it really difficult to find good literature about South America. It also sounds interesting because the author's perspective changes and I always find it interesting to observe that kind of transition.
And I'm going to be taking a class on Latin America soon!! So.. yay!

Jeane said...

I hope you like it!